Vital Tips On Selecting The Right Oxygen Concentrator

Vital Tips On Selecting The Right Oxygen Concentrator

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Patients who suffer from acute respiratory discomfort, often require Oxygen. These patients may have low blood Oxygen level which can be extremely harmful to the entire body; the situation can cause difficulty in exhaustion and breathing. An Oxygen Concentrator plays a significant role here. Such devices collect Oxygen and Nitrogen present in the air and filter the air so as to provide safe air to the patients who can then breathe easily. The usefulness of these medical devices during the pandemic has increased. In light of this, it is important to select the right product to meet the requirements of your medical facility; it is challenging but appropriate guidance will pave the way.

  1. This medical device can be categorized into small (5-10 KG) concentrator which is ideal for COPD patients, medium (15-19 KG) concentrator and large (20 KG and above) concentrator which are suitable for patients who need critical care. Even COVID-infected patients would need these concentrators.
  2. Small Oxygen Concentrator facilitates 90% Oxygen contraction, achieved at lower flows of 1 to 2 litres. The Oxygen concentration may drop to 30% on higher flows when the flow is increased. This can be suitable for COPD patients but is not advisable for COVID-infected patients. Thus, some Oxygen Concentrators have lower flow rate while other devices have a higher flow rate. It is important to keep a check on the flow rate.
  3. It is advisable to examine the specs of the concentrator. Remember, a small Oxygen concentrator facilitates output of 21 to 30% Oxygen at higher flows.
  4. Another important factor to be examined is weight. It helps to understand the production capacity of Oxygen. A 5 KG-10 KG Oxygen Concentrator may give an output of only 90% oxygen at 1 Litre or 2 Litre.On the other side.A 15 KG to 19 KG concentrator can give an output of 90% oxygen at flows – 1 Litre to 5 Litre Oxygen – This again can be ideal for COVID-infectedpatients.A large compressor is associated with a 20 KG and above Oxygen Concentrator. COVID patients and those who require critical care often need this machine.
  5. The amount of noise generated by an Oxygen Concentrator is also an important factor. Concentrators can greatly vary in terms of the noise they generate.
  6. The amount of energy this medical device uses differs greatly.It is advisable to buy the concentrator which requires low power consumption. However, one may need a device that consumes more power depending on the treatment. In fact, there are some options available which work on consumer-grade batteries.
  7. Portability is an important factor too. There are high-powered models with higher flow rate; on the other side, there are portable concentrators with a lower flow rate which are easier to be transported. They may serve as perfect devices for patients who do not need a higher flow rate.
  8. It is essential to check warranty policies thoroughly so as to make sure that you get appropriate functionality you pay for.

Thus, from Oxygen Saturation, Portability, Flow Rate Capabilities, Power Consumption, Noise Level, to Price, there are many aspects to be examined carefully to make sure you invest in the right refurbished medical equipments in India. Choosing a reliable and well-known medical equipment supplier too is an equally important step.

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