Cardiac Surgery – Safe & Successful at JanSewa Hospital

Cardiac Surgery – Safe & Successful at JanSewa Hospital

Cardiac OT, Installation

The specialist Doctors, experienced medical teams, and a super medical facility at Dr. S. S. Tantia MCH & RC, also known as Jan Sewa Hospital, facilitateda successful Cardiac Surgery on a patient who is healthy and safe now.The patient has been assisted well throughout the entire treatment and recovery.

The hospital is the brainchild of a visionary founder, Late Dr. S. S. Tantia who always nurtured the vision of providing the best-in-class medical education to all the students and also serve the healthcare fraternity. The hospital has a robust medical infrastructure involving well-established laboratories, a well-equipped hostel, residential quarters for all staff members, and sporting facilities along with recreational facilities. The hospital is run by a massive team of 100+ experienced Faculty Members and Doctors who believe in sharing and improving their learnings and wisdom with newer challenges everyday.

As a part of its vision, the hospital and its key members were planning to setup a well-equipped Cardiac OT to treat heart patients with the best healthcare. After building strong collaboration with the Medinnova team which provided MaquetHeart-lung Machine,Maquet Heater-cooler Machine, DatascopeIABP Machine, GE MAC ECG Machine,Maquet Ventilator Machine, Medtronic Pacemaker, Valleylab Cautery, Desoutter Sternum Saw, Skytron Surgical Table, GE DatexOhmedaAnesthesiaWorkstation, Philips Patient Monitors, Defirbrillatorsalong with other critical devices to set up a Cardiac OT, the hospital has successfully completed its Bypass surgery. A special team of Doctors from The Medanta S. N. Super Speciality Hospital, Sri Ganganagar was involved; the Medanta team involvingDr. Rajeev Vashisth, a Cardiac Surgeon, performed the surgery safely and successfullyalong withDr. Mahendra Marothi, Cardiac Anesthetic Doctor, and Mr. Jalaj Sharma,Perfusionist.The resident team of medical professionals accurately developed a checklist and adhered to all precautions.

Every step was taken and every process was accomplished under the supervision of medical specialists. After the fumigation was completed,the residential Engineer from Medinnova visited the hospital and checked all machines. All necessary precautions were taken as due to the pandemic – COVID-19. The whole team of Doctors and Perfusionists was happy to announce the success they achieved, and are absolutely delightedby the medical equipment assistance and services received.

The entire experience from initial discussion about establishing Cardiac OT, installing all critical medical equipment and devices to facilitating successful surgery, has been a wonderful journey for Medinnova Systems which has now added a big feather to its achievements.

Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most trusted refurbished medical equipment suppliers in India, which specializes in setting up complete Cardiac Care Units, Operating Rooms and Imaging Centers. It has a massive installation base and efficient Engineering and Service Support. Medinnova team revolves around the vision of providing customized solutions to help healthcare facilities meet their medical equipment requirements. To explore more details about the refurbished Heart-lung machine for sale, call us on +91-99251 86973 or send us an email at

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