Relocating MRI System? 5 Key Steps To Be Followed

Relocating MRI System? 5 Key Steps To Be Followed


There are many reasons healthcare facilities may consider relocating medical imaging equipment. The process of relocating is not easy; it does not simply mean switching off a medical equipment and shifting it somewhere else. There are many steps involved.

Vital Things To Be Considered:

  1. Site planning is one of the most critical aspects here. Sometimes, the cost of the site turns out to be more than the expenses of the MRI system. The space needs to be sufficient and well-equipped enough to accommodate MRI system appropriately. Moreover, things that take place outside the walls also are to be considered. From traffic patterns, power lines, elevators to moving metal objects, many exterior elements can affect performance of the MRI system. Apart from this, there are particular structural steel support guidelines as well as HVAC requirements to be taken care of. Notably, exterior features significantly affect the performance and safety.
  2. It is equally important to study RF and Magnetic Shielding requirements. For this, hiring the right, experienced and knowledgeable shielding professional is an evident necessity. Hospitals and clinics must make sure to work with an expert in MRI shielding so that shielding tests, sound dampening, etc. can be monitored well.
  3. A single professional cannot accomplish this task. Hospitals need a whole team involving building maintenance crew, installers, contractors, electrical professionals, imaging technicians and hospitals’ or clinics’ administrators.
  4. Patient safety too is a significant factor. In fact, many healthcare organizations of eminence have developed a four-zone plan for installation that needs to be taken care of during relocation of the MRI System, with patient safety in mind. Such plans must be studied beforehand so that a safe environment for patients and medical staff can be facilitated.
  5. Even after relocation takes place, Ramp-up, Shimming and further calibrations are needed. For this, hospitals need to work with a qualified and experienced MRI Relocation Service Providers. Moreover, checking if everything works well is equally important. In this regard, reliable MRI relocation or installation assistance needs to be sought.

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