Upgrading Your Imaging Facility? – Must Know!

Upgrading Your Imaging Facility? – Must Know!


There are plenty of reasons to keep the current 9X or 11X MRI system and upgrade its software as well as electronics; replacing the whole MRI machine may not be a wise move when the option of upgrading the system is feasible. But the improvement in the efficiency of MRI performance is what healthcare facilities should expect. With each upgrade level, users get better or improved functionality. Most importantly, updating the system helps to reduce the down time to upgrade the system. It is important to understand what one gets in terms of applications and options for each upgrade.

1. 9X – Mostly, users or healthcare facilities start from 9X LX system which turns out to be reliable; however, it has some limitations especially with respect to HD systems and modern imaging landscape. A 9X is slow. Besides, it may take longer time to produce images with high resolution. Sometimes, Radiologists ask for a smaller view of field. This can be a real struggle with 9X through 11X system. Now, when users step up to the 12X HD, there are more options especially faster scan and shorter time. So, one can have more accurate and precise diagnosis. This upgrade can facilitate improved workflow and also result in increased patient care levels. Non-invasive procedures can be carried out in a comfortable manner. The upgrade also provides other advances with respect to Vascular and Neurological field.

2. 15X and 16X – On the other side, 15X and 16X users will experience the modern MRI tech tier. Here, the speed and resolution options are incredible. These options pick up where the 12X stops. In fact, they take the benefits of 12X further. They offer more software options and cut down on scan time. Moreover, image quality resolution is good. Specifically, 16X has more user-friendly interface. It provides better general workflow.

3. 23X HD Systems – They are among the most modern 1.5T systems. Many of the high-volume imaging centers and hospitals prefer these options for their excellent speed, gradient performance, advanced imaging and clinical flexibility. The gradients provide superior high-resolution use of HD and 8/16-channel coils that certainly lead to better image quality. Again, there are various software options available at this level. These options allow users to see around metal and also 2D Dixon. In fact, efforts are being made to develop advanced options at 23X level in order to further improve its performance and also facilitate customization.

So, the benefits of upgrading an MRI system are many – shorter scan time, faster imaging, clinical flexibility, images with high resolution and a lot more. Thus, healthcare facilities can make the best use of upgrade without getting indulged in the cost of a complete replacement. To explore more details, get in touch with Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd. which can assist you in discovering one of the most quality-oriented, reliable and feature-rich refurbished MRI machines in India with enhanced functionality. Call our Sales Team today at +91-63588 94446 or send us an email at imaging@medinnovasystems.com.

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