The Impact of Effective Equipment Service on Patient Care

Effective Equipment Service

The Impact of Effective Equipment Service on Patient Care

Medical Equipment

The term patient safety is a broad spectrum that includes many aspects into it. Patient safety means the absence of harm to patients which is preventable. The term signifies safe care during the provision of healthcare. There are well-defined patient-safety principles which are, in fact, scientific methods that allow healthcare professionals to achieve reliable and quality-driven healthcare. These principles help to minimize the rate of incidence or patient harm. These principles can include but are not be limited to,

  1. Infection control
  2. Well-trained and qualified healthcar staff
  3. Medicines management
  4. Safe healthcare environment
  5. Quality medical equipment
  6. Patient education
  7. Patient’s involvement in his or her own care
  8. Nutrition improvement
  9. Adherence to regulatory standards
  10. Professional accountability
  11. Healthcare teamwork
  12. Knowledge development through research
  13. Errors reporting
  14. Consistent improvement in quality and innovative approach
  15. Patient-centric healthcare service

The principles are many more. One of the most crucial patient safety principle is adequate maintenance of medical equipment. A well-maintained medical equipmement equips healthcare professionals with tools and technologies they need to serve patients more effectively and safely. According to several studies, the quality and efficiency of equipment maintenance and service program has a direct impact on patient care and outcomes. Today, medical devices play a significant role in accurate, timely and advanced diagnosis, treatment and healing of patients. The equipment also affects safety of healthcare professionals. Therefore, it is important that every medical equipment undergoes frequent assessment, adequate procurement, appropriate installation, preventive maintenance and quality assurance procedure.

Medical Equipment Service & Maintenance

A good equipment maintenance strategy not only includes inspection procedures but also corrective as well as preventive maintenance. The aim is to ensure that equipment operates safely and correctly so that patient for which it is to be used gets safe and quality care. The equipment must be safe for both patients and operators.Another purpose of adequate medical equipment service and maintenance is to extend the life of medical device and thus hospitals and healthcare facilites get good value from their assets. Preventive maintenance carried by the team of qualified and experienced Bio-medical Engineers and other skilled technical staff helps to reduce failure rates and thus strengthen healthcare system.

Preventive maintenance and adequate equipment servicing is also important to maintain operational efficiency within hospital or clinic. Often, situations like delay in patient care, etc. occur due to improperly maintained devices that break down every now and then. Any form of distruptions to quality and safe patient care is not acceptable. Regular equipment maintenance and quality service helps to maintain overall efficiency in the healthcare industry.

Impact of a Well-designed Equipment Maintenance Program

  1. Enhanced patient safety
  2. Accuracy in diagnosis, treatment and healing
  3. Emergency care, anytime
  4. Positive patient outcome
  5. Safety of healthcare staff
  6. Improved hospital efficiency
  7. Extended equipment lifespan
  8. Adherence to regulatory standards

Have you created preventive maintenance or service schedule for your critical assets – medical devices? If not, initiate the process now. The impact of a good maintenance program on patient safety is deep and long-lasting.

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