Insights Into Optimizing Medical Equipment

Insights Into Optimizing Medical Equipment

Insights Into Optimizing Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment Lifecycle Management – What is It?

The process of managing the lifecycle of a medical device from procurement to adequate disposal is known as equipment lifecycle management. During this phase when the equipment is in use, hospitals and surgical centers should have a well-established process, policy, protocol, practices and professionals to manage equipment especially to keep track of its maintenance and repair jobs so that every patient receives the safe and well-timed treatment he or she deserves, unexpected downturn can be prevented and life of a medical equipment is extended.

Why is Efficient Lifecycle Management Important?

An adequate healthcare equipment management ensures,

  • Patient safety
  • The best possible, quality care
  • Emergency care
  • Useful equipment life
  • Reduced possibilities of equipment failure
  • Adherence to regulatory standards
  • Positive patient outcomes
  • Well-managed costs

Key Stages of Medical Equipment Lifecycle Management

The strategies differ from equipment to equipment; however there are some common steps to be taken in this regard.

  1. Every healthcare facility should identify the need for new or refurbished devices, choose a trusted medical equipment company in India and invest in devices that contribute to operational efficiency. Proper planning and budgeting is important.
  2. Medical equipment should be installed in a facility with a step-by-step, professional approach under the supervision of qualified, certified and dedicated Bio-medical Engineers, and tested to ensure it functions as expected.
  3. Before any device is put into service, it is vital to provide comprehensive training to the healthcare professionals on how to use equipment effectively and safely. They should also know whom and how to approach when equipment fails unexpectedly due to lack of adequate maintenance or service schedule.
  4. To ensure your equipment functions properly and helps you serve patients safely, you should have a well-designed, comprehensive, annual maintenance schedule that takes care of almost every possibility that may leave an adverse effective on positive patient outcomes. Hire one of the renowned and reliable refurbished medical equipment suppliers in India to take care of your precious assets and ensure patient safety. The professional support will include a routine inspection, testing, servicing, parts replacement and other services to provide you one-source solution that prevents failures, downtime, and at the same time, contributes to extended life of your devices. Remember, preventive maintenance is an evident necessity.
  5. When you don’t need a medical equipment any longer, a medical equipment company will help you by purchasing such devices from you, get you reasonable price for the same. These services refurbish medical devices as per standard regulations to restore the same to their original function thereby contributing to the durable, quality-driven and sustainable healthcare. On the other side, you can also buy used medical equipment from such suppliers to try new technology before you make huge investment; this is a great way to make smarter decisions.

Thus, a trusted medical equipment supplier will serve you as your all-time support to ensure uninterrupted healthcare operations including the decision-making process with respect to equipment acquisition and maintenance.

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