Vital Medical Equipment Troubleshooting Tips

Vital Medical Equipment Troubleshooting

Vital Medical Equipment Troubleshooting Tips

Medical Equipment

The first step of solving any medical equipment problem is to know the problem especially the root cause of it and take step-by-step approach to nullify it. This is known as troubleshooting that begins when the actual issue is discussed for the first time. A technical professional or Bio-medical Engineer initially gathers information about equipment such as the time of error, and relevant possibilities. It is only after having the clear understanding about possible failure, the right steps can be taken. A proactive approach to inspection and routine check is an ideal way to identify problems during their initial stage.

Top reasons of medical equipment downturn or failure:

  1. Clinical failure or set-up error that mostly occurs due to lack of knoweldge about medical devices.
  2. Mechanical failure that often arises due to poor maintenance.
  3. Electromechanical failure that may occur because of solenoids, motors or relay. Common reasons may include insufficient ventilation and inadequate maintenance.
  4. Electronic failure that may occure due to short circuit or surge.

There are a number of ways thorugh which Engineers can handle equipment failures efficiently. Troubleshooting tips are as follows:

  1. One should visually inspect every device to identify abnormalities or failures. This step includes error log reviewing, and studying the functioning date of equipment before and after the failure occurred.
  2. Professionals can check for the dirt or dust formed over some important parts of equipement; dust sometimes blocks circuit components, for instance. One needs to clean it off.
  3. The technique begins by dividing medical equipment into two halves and focusing on one halve to reach the faulty area followed by diagnosing another halve.
  4. One more technique is trial and error. Under this process, the component or subsystem keeps changing until state of error is found. This is often the last option because it might be misleading sometimes.
  5. Every engineer should make sure to take appropriate precautions to avoid incidents which can cause himself harm while troubleshooting. Following appropriate guidelines is an evident necessity.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities should make sure to educate healthcare professionals about use of equipment, they need to receive comprehensive training. Besides, proper maintenance helps to keep the equipment uptime to maximum. Preventive maintenance schedule must be prepared and followed as per the recommendation of manufacturer.

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