Cost-Effective Strategies for Equipment Service and Repair in Healthcare Settings

Equipment Service and Repair

Cost-Effective Strategies for Equipment Service and Repair in Healthcare Settings

Medical Equipment

Today, healthcare facilities need to change their approach and method towards equipment maintenance and repair; and explore opportunities to improve efficiency of their day-to-day operations and also manage their costs well. From examining small yet important areas of the hospital operations to taking extreme measures, there are many ways to adhere to the cost-effective strategies for equipment service and repair. Today, reliance on medical devices has escalated so much that it is directly associated with patient’s health and safety, patients’s life during emergency situations. On the other side, medical technology is advancing at a rapid pace; therefore, healthcare facilities should look for high-quality equipment maintenance support to save on costs and contribute to efficient equipment lifecycle management.

Preventive maintenance

A proactive, well-designed, comprehensive and professionally managed preventive maintenance program is essential to avoid expensive repair and unexpected interruptions in providing quality care to patients. The program often involves frequent, well-planned inspection, cleaning and calibration steps to identify and resolve issues before they worsen.

Professional equipment maintenance contracts

Hospitals can consider getting into such contracts with medical equipment suppliers in India. Such comprehensive support includes almost everything from repairs, maintenance to parts replacement and assistance from qualified and experienced team of Bio-medical Engineers for medical equipment upkeep.


It is important to use qualified team to maintain and repair medical equipments. Hospitals should make sure that their staff receives regular training on the use of every medical equipment so that they follow the correct procedures and practices so as to minimize the risk and contribute to the patient safety. This is also fundamental to saving costs. Healthcare professionals who work directly with medical devices must have the required knowledge, experience and skills to handle equipments wisely.

Critical equipments – priority

There are some equipments that need immediate attention when they breakdown. A professional support that provides immediate human and technological resources including spare parts, repair, etc. will help you to avoid unexpected disruptions in patient care.

Asset management

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities should implement appropriate asset management system to keep a detailed track of medical equipment lifecycle, history, warranty, etc. to pave the way for enhanced equipment lifecycle management.

Performance metrics

It is advisable to track parameters for every equipment such as energy consumption, error rates, uptime, maintenance costs, etc. to design maintenance schedules accordingly.

Replacement Vs repairing

Key factors such as costs, spare parts accessibility or availability, downtime and efficiency involved in parts or equipment replacements or repairing must be analyzed to manage your costs wisely or invest in the solution that works best in terms of patient safety.


It is advisable to choose a medical equipment company in India that offers quality-driven, customized remote service options that provide hospitals step-by-step assistance to resolve the issue and gives healthcare professionals the confidence that equipment is safe. This move will help to facilitate uninterrupted day-to-day operations at healthcare facility.

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