Surgical Table Refurbishment – What Goes Inside It?

Surgical Table Refurbishment – What Goes Inside It?

Surgical Table

The Steris Amsco 3085SP, with 1,000 lbs weight limit, is a surgical table, capable of supporting the right posture of the patient using the standard table controls. Its side tilt feature strengthens the flexibility with which a surgeon can change the position of a patient to facilitate uninterrupted treatment. Today, the health care industry is resorting to refurbished medical equipment because the­ situation demands. Increasing complexities of the treatments, shortage of high-quality medical equipment and rising costs of health care have fueled the demand for quality-oriented, refurbished medical equipment.

What Goes Into The Refurbishment Process Of The Surgical Table? – The Medinnova Advantage

During the initial inspection, proper functionality as per the specifications defined by the manufacturer is carried out. The unit is approved after identifying the damaged or missing parts; it goes into the complete refurbishment process. The certified biomedical department at Medinnova Systems is well-versed with the latest testing tools. The professionals take into consideration each parameter of disinfection, testing and calibration, OEM specifications, cosmetic stage and refurbishment. They make sure to review all modules, accessories, parts, peripherals, etc. while recording every testing and replacement move, to review the effectiveness of the report.

Here You Go

The equipment is disinfected to remove dirt. It is dissembled; and oil tubing is checked to identify leakage in base of table, if any. The quality of the wheels is assessed. Floor lock sturd is checked. As the surgical table is an electrohydraulic one, checking the quality of the oil and making essential changes is an evident necessity. The experienced team of professionals makes sure to also check the quality of cusion and replace the same, if needed. The equipment undergoes electrical safety test. If needed, old batteries are replaced by the new ones with adequate back-up strength. Remote connectors and cables are checked. The buffing of the machine takes place. After the entire quality check is carried out, test reports are generated; interestingly, they too undergo review. When it is a matter of the safety of patient and successful surgeries, ignorance is not the option. Before the dispatch takes place, Medinnova team makes sure to test the equipment especially its functionality and safety, to ensure that the machine matches with the OEM standards.

We Know What We Stand For. We Understand Our Responsibility.

Being a reputable and trusted refurbished medical equipment supplier in India, Medinnova makes every effort possible to serve the healthcare industry with its quality-oriented, technologically advanced and safe, refurbished medical equipment, including the surgical table. Our every effort, process and task revolves around the responsibility we have bestowed upon ourselves. Medinnova team is equipped enough to provide reliable, consistent, high-quality refurbished medical equipment solutions at the competitive price. To explore more details, call us on +91-99251 86973 or send us an email at

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