What Is Inside Maquet HL 20 Heart lung Machine and its Refurbish Process – Look here

What Is Inside Maquet HL 20 Heart lung Machine and its Refurbish Process – Look here

Heart Lung Machine

The Maquet HL 20 perfusion system is reliable, flexible and adaptable medical equipment that combines the complex technology needed for cardiopulmonary surgery with clear and concise handling necessary for safe and effective patient management. In order to ensure safe functioning of the machine, or restore it to its original condition, it is important to discover what is inside it and how it works.

Medinnova Follows The Comprehensive Refurbish Process of Maquet HL 20 – Every Step Counts!

  1. The unit is disinfected after an initial inspection to determine proper functionality or identify damaged or missing parts is carried out. It is then dissembled or the batteries are replaced so as to send the equipment for the further technical process.
  2. Certified and experienced Bio-medical department, equipped with latest tools, verifies the functionality keeping in mind manufacturer’s specifications. Non-performing components are replaced and repaired. Unit is then reassembled and is ready for further testing.
  3. All modules, accessories, etc. are reviewed in order to comprehend the effectiveness. Every replacement or testing is carefully recorded by the qualified engineers during this process.
  4. The next move is the cosmetic refurbishment stage; every part of equipment is inspected for any wear and tear. Products of the highest quality are used to make this process successful. At this stage, we get equipment which is free of blemishes.
  5. The equipment goes into quality analysis to ensure that the product matches with the standards of OEM.

Thus, to put it briefly, the machine is sterilized, all parameters are assessed, all parts like arterial pumps, etc. are checked, electrical safety is reviewed, battery is checked, dust is removed, base cosmetic is carried out, cosmetic of all pumps and base is reviewed, sensors are assessed and errors, if found anywhere, are resolved by the experienced team of professionals. Medinnova team makes sure to unfailingly follow each and every process because every moment counts when it comes to the health care. Also, test report for documentation is generated accurately, followed by the transportation of equipments in a wooden crate.

The rising demand for new medical equipments especially the Heart Lung machines, widening application of the procedures, and the demand for quality equipments that save money, have contributed to the dire demand for refurbished medical equipment which are in for diagnosis and treatment at surprisingly competitive costs. Such equipment are actually restored devices which are fit to be used.

Medinnova Systems is a reputable and trusted refurbished medical equipment supplier in India, serving the industry since decades. In order to buy quality, refurbished medical equipments while saving money, get in touch with the team of qualified, certified and skilled professionals at Medinnova, at +91-99251 86973 or send us an email at sales@medinnovasystems.com.

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