Drager Narkomed Gs & Drager Narkomed 6000 – Explore The Difference

Drager Narkomed Gs & Drager Narkomed 6000 – Explore The Difference


The Drager Narkomed GS

It is a modern anesthesia machine having advanced features and user-friendly design. For medical facilities that want to upgrade their system while remaining budget-conscious, this is the perfect solution – biomedically inspected and completely refurbished. This anesthesia machine is popular for its simplicity and reliability. Its features are as follows:

  1. Built-in monitor screen with volume, pressure and Oxygen data.
  2. Clearly visible monitored parameters and alarm messages.
  3. It has AV2+ Electronic Ventilator.
  4. It a volume preset, time cycled, and pressure limited anesthesia ventilator.
  5. It is equipped with pneumatic circuitry, electronic timing and independent frequency controls, along with tidal volume and inspiratory pressure limit.
  6. It is capable of delivering up to four gases and one anesthetic agent.
  7. Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen are standard. Gas is supplied through cylinders and pipelines.
  8. Scavenger System, Fresh Gas System and 02 Flush make it a preferred choice.
  9. It has electronic vertical flow controls and electronic fresh gas flow indicators.
  10. The machine can provide support for up to eight waveforms.
  11. It is equipped with two or three vaporizers.

The Drager Narkomed GS, offered by Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd, a trusted refurbished medical equipments supplier in India, is professionally refurbished through the expert biomedical engineering team. All its units are adequately inspected and tested for essential replacements and repairs. The team has ensured that all units meet the original manufacturer’s specifications before the final shipment.

The Drager Narkomed 6000

The system is designed with a color touch display screen for all ventilator parameters. The machine has vaporizers placed on the left side with 2 positioning options. Also, the system includes a built-in auxiliary Oxygen flow meter and a drawer. The Ventilator has an integrated compact breathing system and absorber as well. Besides, the operator control panel is absolutely accessible. Its key features are as follows:

  1. Automatic lead detection in the breathing system.
  2. Compact breathing system to facilitate enhanced performance.
  3. The breathing system helps to prevent the condensation of moisture. It provides humidified gas to patients.
  4. Absorber helps to absorb exhaled carbon dioxide in the rebreathing circuit.
  5. Its simple design allows easy access for inspection.
  6. The APL Valve helps to limit the maximum pressure during manual ventilation.
  7. Ultrasonic Flow Sensor efficiently measures the respiratory flow rate.
  8. A mechanically-driven piston controls the gas amount delivered to the patient during mechanical ventilation.
  9. Display windows and control buttons help to easily select parameter settings, ventilator standby and test operation. These windows keep the clinicians informed about current ventilator settings, piston movement, and device status.
  10. The Bar Graph Display provides a clear view of the value set for tidal volume.
  11. The system’s Numeric displays show settings for Pmax, Pset and VT.
  12. Parameter setting buttons are used to change operating parameters for the ventilator.

The certified team of biomedical engineers at Medinnova Systems is well-versed with the latest testing tools. The professionals are familiar with each step of disinfection, testing, calibration, cosmetic stage and refurbishment. The effectiveness of the operation of machine remains as per original standards. Get in touch with the team of refurbishment specialists at a leading supplier of refurbished medical equipment – Medinnova; and explore more details about Drager Narkomed GS and Drager Narkomed 6000. You can call us at +91-99251 86973 or send us an email at sales@medinnovasystems.com.

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