How ECMO System Is Useful For Treating COVID-19 Patient?

How ECMO System Is Useful For Treating COVID-19 Patient?


The Novel Corona Virus has affected humans all over the world. The virus is rapidly spreading globally. The Corona Virus disease has been declared as a public health emergency. The COVID-19 primary affects the lung. It causes severe pneumonia. A startling percentage of people also develop acute respiratory distress syndrome in a quick manner. In this scenario, it is quite challenging for medical practitioners to save human lives. The advent of technology in the health care industry has contributed to the efforts of saving human lives. ECMO is one significant form of life support.

ECMO is a specialized, resource-intensive support. ECMO system is used for long-term cardiopulmonary failure. It provides extracorporeal circulation and physiologic gas exchange of the blood of a patient for several hours. Most importantly, this technology is used to oxygenate severely sick COVID-19 infected patient’s blood. There is no need to transfer the Oxygen through fluid-filled lungs.

ECMO is a type of Cardiopulmonary bypass. It is divided into two categories – venovenous and venoarterial, used in respiratory failure and cardiogenic shock, respectively. The support provided can help to replace the gas exchange function of the lungs. It minimizes ventilator-induced lung injury and even Oxygen toxicity. According to some reliable evidence, the use of ECMO in ARDS helps to lower the risk of death. The outcomes following ECMO have been good; but the technique needs to be carried out at specialized centres. The selection criteria needed for ECMO referral have been provided by authorized entities.

Notably, this treatment should be reserved for patients who are critically ill. As more and more people are getting critically ill with the worsening spread of COVID-19, ECMO is the need of the hour; but it requires complete understanding and experience to be carried out efficiently to obtain the best results.

Health care facilities, therefore, need to make sure that they have all equipment’s, machines and entire system established to treat critically ill patients infected by the deadly virus. Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd, a trusted refurbished medical equipment supplier in India will provide much-needed support by meeting your medical equipment needs with its ECMO Centrifugal Pump System – SORIN. The system offers a maximum degree of flexibility, it is easier to be installed, and the SCP is compatible with all S3/SC Heart Lung Machines. Users can operate it with all existing monitoring as well as control devices. Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd, provides Centrifugal Pump System – SORIN, Maquet Rotaflow System  and Medtronic Bio-console 560.

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