Sefam DreamStar DUO ST Bipap – Significant Features

Sefam DreamStar DUO ST Bipap – Significant Features


Medical equipments are designed to optimize quality treatment, safety, and comfort for patients, especially in challenging times like COVID-19 which makes timely treatment absolutely essential and also creates emergency-like shortage of life-saving devices. One of the classic examples of the same is BIPAP SEFAM DreamStar DUO, simple, comprehensive and non-invasive ventilation support for non-dependent patients who suffer from Sleep Apnea Syndrome or Respiratory Failure. This device is easy to be carried and can also be used at home. The device provides incredible respiratory support. The best part is that it has a lightweight, compact design, integrated heated humidifier, and integrated power supply. Even machine synchronization and adaption are good. This medical device makes monitoring of treatment quite simple. DreamStar medical equipment is available in two configurations. One is Standard which is without humidification while the other is Evolve with a built-in heated humidifier.

Key Functions:

  1. Its advanced functions including Specific Calibration, etc. enable Surgeons, Doctors, and other medical practitioners to adjust a device as per the patients’ needs. Moreover, this medical device can also be adjusted to the resistance in the airway pathway.
  2. The FlowSensAlgorithm helps to adjust the trigger thresholds. It empowers the device to instantly respond to the changes in ventilator demand of patients. This function helps to detect and also compensates for leaks. This, in turn, avoids auto-triggering.
  3. On the other side, the Water Control and Humid Control aspect of the medical device minimizes condensation in the patient circuit.
  4. Besides, the ADAPT screen helps medical practitioners to view the treatment parameters in real-time. These parameters can include breathing frequency, tidal volume, average leak, etc.
  5. The patients are areable to initiate their treatment by breathing into the mask with an AUTO ON function.
  6. The prescribed pressure can be delivered at the patients’ interface due to the Auto-Calibration function.
  7. With the Compliance Data Management function, data can be stored for 365 days in the internal memory. The device provides a piece ofextra useful information with respect to the effectiveness of the treatment. Even the process of downloading, examining, and printing the data is made easier.

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