Innovative Disruptive Collaboration Between Medinnova And Plexus Cardiac Care Hospital

Innovative Disruptive Collaboration Between Medinnova And Plexus Cardiac Care Hospital

Cardiac OT

Plexus Cardiac Care Hospital is run by Ms. Khushboo, Promoter Director, and Dr. Dinesh Raj, Dr. Manish Meshwani, Dr. Nikhila Panchani, Dr. Ketan, Dr. Bindu, and Dr.Nihar Sojitra is one of the finest heart care facilities of Rajkot, Gujarat, India. It provides personalized, quality treatment with compassion and integrity.

Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd., collaborated with Plexus Cardiac Care hospital in establishing a well-equipped Cardiac facility thereby contributing to the mission of providing the best possible treatment to all patients. This collaborative solution turned out to be a perfect one. With immense support from the team Medinnova, the hospital successfully developed a well-equipped Cardiac OT. A team of esteemed doctors and healthcare professionals acknowledged the tremendous benefits of this Disruptive Collaboration. The hospital successfully made healthcare accessible and affordable.

When you decide to equip your medical facility, you come across an important decision – “which is a better option – purchasing new equipment or getting medical equipment on rent/lease? While owning medical equipment may be a perfect option in some situations, it is important to consider the advantages of Collaborations.

  1. Hospitals and clinics can try newer technology before considering purchasing medical equipment and making any financial commitment, especially new hospitals and clinics that do not want to sacrifice the quality of care. Sometimes, healthcare professionals realize that the purchase overestimates the need for the equipment after buying it. Hence, medical equipment collaboration with companies could be a wise move as it allows them access to high-quality healthcare without taking much monetary risk and also checks the current healthcare trends, requirements, and the life cycle of medical equipment.
  2. With medical equipment company’s Disruptive service, one can reduce the interruption of invaluable services especially during tough times such as pandemics. The quality of care shall never be adversely affected. Pursuing medical equipment from top-notch medical equipment suppliers in India can eliminate this problem.
  3. Moreover, maintaining purchased medical equipment may turn out to be an expensive and delayed aspect. It represents higher costs. On the other side, medical equipment collaboration minimizes such costs. Services that provide equipment make sure that each equipment undergoes a systematic and approved service process so that its value, quality, and usage sustain for a long time. Entire Cardiac OT can be developed; besides, there are no hassles related to maintenance costs.
  4. No patient wants to be treated with outdated equipment; moreover, no one would prefer to delay his or her treatments due to a lack of medical equipment in hospitals. If your healthcare facility has the right equipment, the treatments you provide will gradually improve. This will boost the brand reputation of your facility in the long run. Besides, your hospital will be able to save money by getting equipment on rent or lease; this again is a bonus.

Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd, one of India’s well-known refurbished medical equipment suppliers, provides Medical Equipment on Various Collaborative schemes. To explore more details about Collaboration on medical equipment from Medinnova, call our Sales Team today at +91 99251 86973 or send us an email at

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