Rural Healthcare System In India – Medinnova Has A Role To Play

Rural Healthcare System In India – Medinnova Has A Role To Play


India has made significant advances in the healthcare system, in urban and rural areas. However, the impact of the Pandemic is intense. The Indian rural healthcare system includes sub-centres, primary health centres and community health centres. These establishments may face healthcare challenges which may include workforce shortage, poor infrastructure, quality of care and shortage of medical professionals and healthcare supplies including critical medical equipment. So, the healthcare system may need additional support to fight against COVID-19 or other deadly infections. It is indeed difficult to tackle public health emergencies. The government is making consistent efforts to improve access and quality of primary care. Identifying elements that guide these efforts is the need of the hour.

Here is how Medinnova has a role to play:

  1. Medinnova provides the right consultation to develop the new hospital or expand existing hospital by understanding exact requirement.
  2. With its largest inventory of refurbished medical equipment, parts replacement assistance and comprehensive service and maintenance support, Medinnova helps facilities including those in rural areas to provide quality and well-timed care to people.
  3. Medinnova helps facilities to set-up different OTs at affordable costs. It is all about healthcare without compromising on quality.
  4. Medinnova gives assurance about timely service, and on-call emergency service with its huge inventory and part back-up system.
  5. From the installation to demonstaration, Medinnova has always a role to play to make the rural healthcare stronger.
  6. Medinnova enables facilities in rural areas to allow the patient to take treatment in local place when required; there is no need to travel to major cities. So a patient can get the treatment on time.
  7. Medinnova gives reliable service assurance.
  8. Medinnova has a team of experienced and knowledgeable Biomedical Engineers to assist.
  9. The team undergoes regular training to prepare itself for healthcare challenges and bring about feasible ideas to overcome those challenges.

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