Neurosurgical Drill: Pneumatic & Electric –Guide To Choosing The Right One Suitable To Surgical Procedure

Neurosurgical Drill: Pneumatic & Electric –Guide To Choosing The Right One Suitable To Surgical Procedure


What Is Surgical Drill?

Neurosurgical drill is a critical medical equipment used to lift craniotomy bone flaps. It is used to remove skull base bone. It exposes underlying neurovascular structure. The medical device decreases the need for significant brain retraction. It is mainly used to facilitate bony decompression. It plays an instrumental role in spine surgery. The Neurosurgical drill can be either electronically or air powered. So, basically, there are two types of drills – Pneumatic Drill and Electric Drill. Understanding how each of these works is important to identify the ideal medical device for your operational requirements.

Pneumatic Surgical Drill

This sophisticated technology offers power and performance for cranial,spine and various other surgical procedures. Equipped with patented technology, surgical drill is designed to deliver accurate, precise and efficient performance. Notably, the precision is engineered for superior quality and advanced durability. Healthcare staff including surgeons can make it work with standard tools and attachments. The product enables easy maneuvering in the operating room. Importantly, easy access and repositioning are other key advantages facilitated by open foot-control design. The variable exposure attachments allow surgeons to get optimal visibility without modifying the surgical hand position. So, Neurosurgical Pneumatic drill ushers surgical procedures to a new level of precision and efficiency.

Electric Surgical Drill

This high-speed drill offers hightorque with compact size. A wide range of surgeries including Neurology and Spineprocedures witnesses the use of this technologicallyadvanced surgical power tool. It is powered by the Integrated Power Console. It has less noise. It is small and light in weight. Healthcare professionals can easily set it up. It has easy-to-use design with adjustable speed features. Notably, this drill can work with standard tools and attachments to facilitate enhanced convenience. This eventually leads to quick set-up thereby saving a lot of time for healthcare staff.

Choosing The Right Surgical Tool

It is important to take into account several parameters such as brand, model, application, ergonomics, shape, etc. to identify the right surgical power tool for your facility. There are other characteristics which must be examined. They include power source, the device versatility, noise level in use, the presence of double trigger, etc. It is essential to understand how these characteristics will affect the surgical procedures. There are many variations in power sources, features, characteristics, for a surgical tool. It is advisable to seek professional help to gain complete knowledge and make an informed choice. Choose assistance that you can rely on.

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