Optimize Your Anesthesia Workflow with Drager Apollo Anesthesia

Optimize Your Anesthesia Workflow with Drager Apollo Anesthesia


With a keen emphasis on quality healthcare and cost reduction, Medinnova provides you with feasible solution to reduce operating costs, maintain superior quality healthcare and optimize reimbursement with a refurbished anaesthesia system of superior quality and a good warranty. Being a trusted medical equipment company in India, Medinnova has worked closely with Surgeons, Doctors and Clinicians all over the nation, and understood their needs. The team is determined to make your healthcare service more efficient in this integrated healthcaresystem. Anaesthesia workplace is getting increasingly complex. Drager Apollo anaesthesia system is designed to offer all-around performance. It is a real example of a proven design concept with modern technology. The medical equipment is equipped to meet the challenging clinical demands of today’s healthcare industry by optimizing anaesthesia workflow and enabling clinicians to play more effective role.

Sophisticated Features of Drager ApolloTo Optimize Your Anaesthesia Workflow

1. Incredible Ventilation Technology

The ventilation technology provides appropriate care for patients of any age. It works with good precision without any requirement of drive gas. A short time period certainly has precise physiological benefits for patients. The system is equipped with advanced features beneficial for critical care patients and paediatric purposes. It provides optimum flow in the face of inspiratory resistance. As a result, the requirement for a separate ICU ventilator is eliminated. On the other side, an adjustable flow trigger helps to reduce the respiratory work of the patient. The process of switching from controlled to spontaneous respiration becomes easy.

2. Pioneering User Interface

A configurable, large, high-resolution TFT colour screen helps to optimize workflow. The reliability and safety of mechanical flow controls as well as a back-up total flow tubeis incredible. Even monitoring of gas consumption is of advanced level.  This eventually leads to cost reduction.

3. Ease Of Operation

Wide range of sophisticated and technical operating features empowers clinicians to use this medical equipment with the enhanced level of ease and accuracy.

4. Intelligent Networkability

The system allows gas-flow data and ventilation data to be accumulated accurately and exported to an appropriate information management system. So, the documentation of anaesthesia process is well maintained.

5. Easy upgrade with Improved Monitoring

The device provides seamless monitoring during transport. Docking stations and cabling system help to optimize data continuity and reduce transition time. Patient care is not disturbed. The system is equipped with high-efficiency data access tools. With a two-screen system approach, users can view patient monitoring data easily. This supports clinical decision making and offers maximum flexibility for IT requirements. Its touch screen provides expanded monitoring that works well with clinical context. Staffs need reduced time for training.


To discover more details about refurbished anaesthesia machines for sale, call on +91 95121 06062 or send an email to sales@medinnovasystems.com.

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