Here Is How To Plan The Ideal Cardiac OT

Here Is How To Plan The Ideal Cardiac OT

The development of a well-equipped Cardiac OT demands many things starting from identifying the right location of a Cardiac OT, its size to navigating through the process of equipment set-up and management.

Selecting the location of Cardiac OT in a hospital setting is a big decision; it requires many considerations.Room size needs to be examined well. As Cardiac OT encompasses many critical equipments and other medical supplies, it should have enough space to facilitate streamlined operations. However, as the room becomes larger, the distance between the supply or support areas and the surgical field may become inefficient; this again shall be considered. An ideal Cardiac OT must include appropriate light intensity in the specific setting, arrangement to discard waste immediately, aerodynamic shape of domes for the suitable supply of air, strict adherence to all safety guidelines in terms of equipments usage, their maintenance, medical team’s knowledge and training, low heat generation by infrared rays filtration, etc. for smooth functioning.Cardiac Operation Theatre must be situated in an area that is closer to the Intensive Care Unit so that patients who underwent critical surgeries can shift more comfortably. These are some specifications to be included in a correct manner to create an ideal Cardiac OT.

Apart from regular equipments required for various departments in the hospital, there are other critical equipments required for a Cardiac Specialty, based on the healthcare services provided by a medical facility. A typical Cardiac OT will have various equipments such as Heart-lung Machine, Heater-cooler Device, Anaesthesia Machine, Sternum Saw, Pacemaker, Surgical Table ,to name a few important ones. Each equipment holds a significant position in the surgery performed. The success of Cardiac surgical procedures are influenced by equipment set-up, the way their maintenance is carried out, the experience of healthcare staff, and a lot of other factors. Let us evaluate how each of these critical Cardiac OT equipmentsplays significant role.

Heart-lung Machine – An apparatus which does both the work of the heart and the lungs is known as Heart-lung machine. It oxygenates the body’s venous supply of blood. It pumps the blood back into arterial system. This reliable and feature-rich medical equipment can be made available in Terumo Sarns, Maquet, and Medtronic brands.

Heater-cooler Machine – This equipment helps to maintain blood temperature in patient. The Heater-cooler machines available in brands Sorin and Hemotherm, have easy-to-adjust patient temperature settings. The Heater-cooler for Heart-lung machine perfectly meets requirements of healthcare facilities.

Anaesthesia Machine – New and refurbished Anaesthesia machines for sale help healthcare fraternity with an advanced level of care. This medical equipment is available in brands like GE, Drager, Ohmeda, etc. It provides controlled ventilation with an Anesthetic agentto the patient and hence is critical to a Cardiac OT.

Sternum Saw – This device, available in brands Sarns and Stryker, is used to cut the sternum smoothly and carefully. This bone cutter provides enhanced level of maintenance and precision during the surgical procedure. It performs median sternotomy.

Cardiac Pacemaker – It helps heart muscle chambers to pump and contract blood by generating electrical impulses. Medtronic Pacemaker is designed primarily for temporary anti bradycardia pacing therapy.

Surgical Table – The medical equipment is available in reputable brands known as Steris, Skytron, and Maquet that support all required patient orientation.

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