Preventive Maintenance Is Important For Medical Equipment – Why?

Preventive Maintenance Is Important For Medical Equipment – Why?

The term medical technology refers to all the medical equipments which are used by health organizations for diagnosis, monitoring, therapy, rehabilitation and health care. So, unquestionably, medical technology plays significant role in health care. To ensure high-quality health care and avoid equipment breakdowns that cause safety hazard and also lead to process slowdowns, effective medical equipments management is important. Preventive maintenance simply means the systematic inspection of medical equipment where potential problems are detected and corrected to prevent failure of equipment to make sure that all the pieces of equipment function property and are absolutely in good condition. The activities include routine cleaning, calibrating, adjusting, checking for wear, and even lubricating to optimize efficiency.

Why is Preventive Maintenance important?

  1. There is reduced unplanned downtime resulted out of equipment failure.
  2. It leads to prolonged life of medical equipments.
  3. Decreases errors in day to day operations.
  4. Improves equipment reliability.
  5. Prevents costly emergency repairs.
  6. Also prevents expense and inconvenience due to unscheduled down time of facilities.
  7. Facilitates appropriate patient treatment.
  8. It saves time, reduces costs and most importantly, keeps medical operations running productively and efficiently.

Before you decide to buy medical equipment or secure preventing maintenance assistance from any company, consider following these guidelines to make a smart move:

  1. Company must follow excellent process monitoring. All the components need to be examined on regular basis.
  2. The biomedical Engineers must be trained. Getting the right people on the board to carry out effective maintenance is essential.
  3. Appropriate test equipment for preventive maintenance as per the manufacture’s guidelines and requirements shall be employed.
  4. Company should maintain all the test documents each time it conducts preventive maintenance.
  5. Analysis, adjustment and improvement are three main components of the entire preventive maintenance program that one needs to adhere to.

Undoubtedly, it is a confusing and rigorous process to find all-inclusive solution. Well, your hunt for the best solution ends here. Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd. specializes in performing inspections of medical equipment, diagnostic check of device’s internal Parts, operational checks of all system functioning as per OEM specifications and also complimentary cleaning of each unit upon return. Medinnova’s expertise lies in providing medical equipment maintenance awareness to facilitate enhanced health care.

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