Anesthesia Checklist – Ignorance Is Life-Threatening

Anesthesia Checklist – Ignorance Is Life-Threatening


Anesthesia, defined as the practice of giving medicine which is dedicated to the relief of pain and also total care of the patient before, during and after surgical procedure, plays a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of medical treatment worldwide. By inducing sleep, pain is prevented during potentially painful manipulations or surgery. The basic anesthetic system consists of a source of oxygen, an O2 flow meter, a precision vaporizer that produces a vapor from a liquid anesthetic, a scavenging device which removes excess gases and a patient breathing circuit like connectors, valves, etc. Before making use of this machine, it is advisable to follow some guidelines; in other words; you must scrutinize all elements of its functioning.

Anesthesia Checklist – To be Followed Ardently!

  1. One shall ensure required pressure of Air, O2 and N2O central supplies.
  2. Appropriate fitting of PIN Index cylinder to the respective yoke on the machine needs to be checked; required pressure for each gas supply has to be available.
  3. In order to avoid leakage errors, one must ensure right attachment of breathing circuit, fresh gas tube, bellow jar, soda lime canister, vaporizer, etc.
  4. Importantly, self test of the machine must be passed prior to using the same.
  5. It is equally essential to check correct proportion of gases and agent in the fresh gas supply.
  6. No leakage must be found in breathing circuit during manual ventilation. Hence, it must be examined thoroughly.
  7. In case of error in FiO2 reading, O2 cell must be checked.
  8. In case of error in delivered tidal volume or flow parameters, flow sensor needs to be checked.
  9. Over and above, medical practitioners should perform regular preventive maintenance in order to reduce down time of the machine.
  10. During anesthesia, key aspects such as Oxygenation, airway and ventilation, temperature, circulation, neuromuscular function, audible signals and alarms, depth of anesthesia, etc. must be under careful supervision.

In order to make successful use of Anesthesia machine for patient’s well-being, appropriate security checks should be carried out by experienced and knowledgeable medical professional. There is no substitute for life!

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