Medtronic 5348 Single and 5388 Dual Channel Pacemaker

Medtronic 5348 Single and 5388 Dual Channel Pacemaker


Medtronic is a global leader in medical technology, services, and solutions. They make a line of single and dual channel temporary external pacemakers including Models 53401 and 5392, Models 5348 and 5388 respectively. A pacemaker is a medical device that generates electrical impulses delivered by electrodes to contract the heart muscles and regulate the electrical conduction system of the heart to maintain an adequate heart rate.

The Medtronic 5348 is a single-channel temporary, battery-powered pacemaker that helps produce a healthy rhythm via precise electrical signals through wires that connect directly to the patient’s heart.


Three dial knobs with simple, bold graphics provide visual indications of the default settings. The product’s size, shape, location of critical controls, plastic cover, and visual and tactile indicators reduced the chance of inadvertent adjustments and other errors. It is designed to be reliable, easy to operate, and comfortable to hold. It offers continuous operation even during battery replacement (at 80 min-1 [ppm], 10 mA) for a minimum of 15 seconds. It has a low battery indicator and runaway rate protection.

The Model 5388 is a dual-channel temporary, battery-powered pacemaker that incorporates the quality and durability you expect from Medtronic pacemakers.


Simply adjusting the top three dials provides effective pacing in most clinical situations. Changing the pacing rate automatically adjusts other dual-chamber temporary pacing parameters. The patient cable system uses protected electrical connections to increase patient safety. Even this model has a low battery indicator along with a self-test function. To prevent accidental change of parameters, it has a built-in lock feature.

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