Terumo Advanced Perfusion System 1

Terumo Advanced Perfusion System 1

Heart Lung Machine

Terumo Advanced Perfusion System 1 (APS 1) is cost effective, compact heart lung machine with advanced hardware and software systems. Myocardial protection is paramount of APS 1 with accurate safety features. The APS 1 can be readily configured to adapt to new protocols and individual patient needs. The advanced, high resolution and touch screen central control monitor allows user to monitor and control safety responses and pump responses. The detachable modules of APS 1 allows you to add safety and monitoring features like pressure, level/bubble detection and data communication card which assist in data transfer.

The salient features of the Terumo APS 1 are:

  • Standard and advanced multiple cardioplegia delivery options:
    • Multi-ratio cardioplegia delivery
    • Volume and timed delivery
  • O2 sensor for accurate FiO2 monitoring
  • Long battery backup
  • Pulsatile flow control
  • Inbuilt and variable tubing inserts
  • Newly designed metallic components for added durability


APS 1 has inbuilt memory to save the log of activities, alarms and settings. Two sizes of roller pumps (4” and 6”) can be used for low and high flow rates application. An electronic gas blender is integrated into base, controlled through central control monitor or locally and offers added safety and flexibility. High and low gas source pressure alarms that will display on the central control monitor if the gas supply is outside the recommended pressures. With many safety features that can be incorporated in every setup, this system becomes the product of choice for an evolving practice.

Our Refurbish Process:

We refurbish all our medical equipment with defined processes and technique to ensure performance in accordance with OEM specification. To meet the quality we calibrate, replace broken parts, consumable and enhance the visual appearance by giving fresh coat of paint which will ensure the healthy life cycle of machine.

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