What Services Do Medinnova Systems Offer?

What Services Do Medinnova Systems Offer?


Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd., is a single source medical equipment customized solutions provider specializing in setting up complete – Operating Rooms, Intensive Care Units, Emergency Rooms and Imaging Centers. Founded in 2006, we operate from our headquarters in Vadodara – Gujarat, India and have since continued to expand our horizons to new markets around the country, providing quality products and the best of services on the basis of our effective and efficient sales, engineering and service support.

The top priority at Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd., has always been quality and services. That’s why Medinnova Systems has the policy to provide prompt technical support to each and every customer. Beyond essential recalibration and support, we provide service contracts to ensure that the value of your investment exceeds your expectations. Our service options are customizable to suit the demands of your operation. We offer live technical support whether you need clinical support during a procedure or technical help after hours. Our excellent repair service can be made available either on-site or at our repair facility. We also offer consultancy services. So, if you are planning to set up a new hospital or simply procure new equipment, we can guide you to choose the best. Our customer service team is dedicated to providing a world-class standard of service for all of their existing customers. We are available from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm-Monday to Saturday.

The company has a unique blend of highly experienced personnel and young and dynamic professionals, specializing in their respective fields. We strive hard to ensure that we supply quality products at low rates and within the mutually settled delivery schedule, paying due attention to the requirements of packaging and packing. Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd. is perfect place for service of your medical equipments. To sum up, our products & services ensure you have peace of mind!

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