Managed Services by Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd

Managed Services by Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd


Medinnova Magic!!!

Every solution provider tries to specialize in providing their offerings in a specific area of specialty or expertise. The conventional wisdom being that specialty concentration brings confidence to the users hence facilitates an easy sale and prolonged business. The business dynamics in the healthcare space has gone thru a metamorphic change wherein there are many diverse needs that are being forced upon users to address on a proactive basis. This helps them stay ahead of the curve in providing the best state of the art treatment to its patient community and save lives. Product and service providers who are in a position to provide these consolidated solutions to the users stand a better chance to impress and give confidence to their user community.

Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd carries diversified medical equipment listings in its portfolio. Operating room equipment’s, respiratory, cardio vascular, imaging (MRI), cardiology, neurosurgery, flexible and rigid endoscopy and patient monitor to name most of it. MSPL with an international footprint of clients and vendors deals with all or most of the preferred brands with its complete user knowledge and service execution capabilities.

The glaring and most selling differentiator for MSPL in the marketplace is its “Medinnova Magic” comprising of its comprehensive “Managed services” for its clientele and potential customers. MSPL services customers with all the required parts for all models of equipment it sells delivered to customers at the least amount of time. Adding to this a neatly prepared, customer and administrative friendly, easy to understand set of after sale services comprises in the managed services package.

  • MSPL provides LIVE technical or clinical support during or after hours by its highly trained professionals. Compressions help restore the blood circulation to the brain and vital organ.
  • MSPL provides repair services either on customer location or at its repair facility by its factory trained technicians who perform all the required tests in compliance of the original equipment manufacturer specifications.
  • MSPL has by far the best service agreement for its customers with easy contracts, annual preventive maintenance, biomed reports, full coverage on parts, loaner unit for units sent in for servicing, free return shipping
  • MSPL provides its AMC customers with a preventive maintenance activity inclusive of inspections, diagnostic check and operational checks as per OEM specifications
  • MSPL provides a comprehensive audit based consultancy for its startup client’s hospital setup and its operations.
  • MSPL imparts the best practical training programs for its in house technicians periodically and also to the new breed of graduates in its academic alliance program.

We at Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd believe that every customer deserves services beyond their requirement and needs. Our goal is to make them prepared for any circumstances that are put in front of them. Their responsibility to provide a better life or saving lives is equally our responsibility as well!!!

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