AMSCO 3085SP Surgical Table – Integral Part of Healthcare Today

AMSCO 3085SP Surgical Table – Integral Part of Healthcare Today

Surgical Table

For a system to function more efficiently, reliably managed key aspects such as a well-trained workforce, well-structured policies and best health facilities are essential. Operation management plays a vital role in health-care industry. It affects the medical practitioners’ capability to provide reliable and appropriate treatment to the community which they serve. In this regard, quality services must come with advanced technical support. Here, highly efficient AMSCO 3085SP surgical table plays a significant role undeniably. It keeps the patient in the best position for successful surgical procedures. It undoubtedly allows the surgeon to make required adjustment without having adverse effects on operation with standard table controls including side tilt. Truly, its ability to provide strong support for obese patients too is remarkable.

Salient Features-Must Read!

With 25° Trendelenburg, 25° reverse Trendelenburg, 27” to 44” height, 18° side tilt, 55° back, and 80° up and 105° down leg., the table has been designed in accordance with national and international safety standards. It is an electro hydraulically operated table, designed to support all standard surgical procedures that may include neurology, urology, and even orthopedics. Available in electric-powered and battery-powered configuration, the table supports 1,000 lbs weight limit, much to the relief of medical practitioners.

Interestingly, it is equipped with a microprocessor controlled hydraulic system that supplies tabletop articulation. Moreover, the motive force delivered by hydraulic system leads to powered articulations of the table. While oil cleanliness is maintained by a filter, a manual foot-operated pump is available for operation during power failure. Its technologically advanced control system uses microprocessor to control hydraulic pump motor.  It must be noted that the control system comprises of a master and a slave computer. In addition to this, Hand Control, constructed of injection-molded black plastic, serves as a prominent controller for table operation. Thus, in order to streamline complexities of medical treatment, this is a life-time investment to be considered.

Make sure to go for ideally-suited surgical table!

Since quality-oriented medical equipment’s plays a huge role in the success of any healthcare industry, it is important to choose a reliable supplier who enjoys excellent market reputation for fulfilling equipment requirements and enhancing healthcare facilities. However, prior to investing in one, studying the nature of your requirements is extremely important.

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