MRI Screening – Make It Safer and Accurate!

MRI Screening – Make It Safer and Accurate!


What is MRI?

Based on advanced technology, MRI, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, is a process of obtaining detailed image of human organs in the body. Magnetic properties of hydrogen and its interaction with external magnetic field and radio waves are used to produce complete images of human body. MRI which simply uses radio waves, magnetic fields and computer, thus helps medical practitioners to diagnose torn ligaments, brain tumors, strokes, just to name a few. Largely, it is a painless radiology technique and its precise accuracy in detecting body’s structural abnormalities is remarkable.

Have You Ever Thought How It Actually Works?

MRI employs powerful magnetic field that aligns protons, atomic particles, which exist in most of the body tissues. After a radiofrequency current is pulsed through the patient, protons are stimulated and they spin out of equilibrium. The applied radio waves interact with protons and signals are produced. After the radiofrequency field is turned off, MRI sensors detect the released energy as the protons realign with magnetic field. With computer processing assistance, tissues’ images are created and can be viewed in any orientation with ease. MRI examination does not cause any pain. MRI process requires patients to lie still to have accurate results. Interaction with technologist is maintained throughout the process. MRI scanners do not use the harmful ionizing x-rays radiation. The soft tissues ofbrain, muscles, nerves, spinal cord, tendons, etc. are seen more clearly with MRI. In fact, in the brain, MRI process can differentiate between white matter and grey matter. Isn’t it interesting to find how much such technological tools have evolved in recent years thereby contributing to enhanced health care?

Safety Rules to Be Followed! Must Read!

  1. Screening of all the patients entering MRI room shall be done beforehand. A great care has to be taken to ensure that external metallicobjects are not carried into the MRI scanroom.
  2. All metallic belongings such as watch, jewelry, hearing aids, etc. must be removed outside of MRI Scan room before entering intoMRIScan room examination starts.
  3. Patients need to change attire as per standard rules of MRI process.
  4. In order to identify patient anxiety or emergency, acoustic protection and monitoring must be done.
  5. Always use the padding to avoid any risk to patient
  6. In case of metallic Implant and / or pregnancy, MRI technologist and even radiologist must be informed before the screening procedure begins.
  7. MRI safety training needs to be provided to all MRI staff and even ward boys.
  8. Oxygen level during shimming, Helium fill and Ramp-up has to be monitored.

Well-experienced and proficient MRI technologists will always maintain a safe working environment for patients, fellow employees and even visitors by adhering to all safety guidelines. Simultaneously, it is the responsibility of patient as well to unveil crucial information with respect to his or her medical history beforehand to avoid any complicationswith MRI procedure.

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