Extend The Life of an MRI With Preventive Maintenance

Extend The Life of an MRI With Preventive Maintenance


It is essential that your hospital equipment is in pristine condition. There are a ton of MRI scans done annually. It is crucial to do preventive maintenance on the MRI equipment. It is a maintenance checkup of equipment that is done to ensure its sustainability and efficiency.

Benefits Of Preventive Maintenance:

  • Preventive maintenance will detect any issues in the equipment. Here is what it will do:
  • Clean the air vents & filters with an electronic vacuum. If any dust and contaminants are present, it can cause premature failure of the part or parts of an MRI System.
  • Check the magnet system helium vessel. Check whether the cold-head is subject to ice or condensation.
  • Check the system for any leaks, tone or frequency changes, or whether the helium flex lines are adequately tight or not. It will maintain the coolness of the magnet and avoid quenching.
  • Check the water connection for any leaks. It will ensure the functionality of the water cooling system leading to better efficiency of the machine.
  • Clean or replace the Primary & Secondary filters to avoid any debris clogging inside. If the water flow is inconsistent, the compressor will shut off or overheat.
  • Check the Gradient System Fans. If not checked or replaced, they will not provide the desired temperature for the machine.
  • Replace the compressor absorber to prevent the contamination of helium flex lines and the cold head. If not done so, it will ruin the quality of the scan.
  • Check the magnet pressure gauge so that it provides the desired reading. If it doesn’t, then it will hamper the machine’s efficiency.
  • Check the patient fan filter at the magnet for cleaning or replacement. Otherwise, it will disrupt the machine’s process.
  • Check for any sources of leaks near the magnet. The cold magnet may produce ice near it and will damage the MRI readings.

It is essential to do preventive maintenance on the machines to generate more revenue for the hospital. It will promise you the better functioning of the hospital.

It is vital to consider preventive maintenance as your priority as the population rises, the need for critical care rises, and the complexity of the treatment rises. It is paramount to take such measures. To provide a strong backbone for the medical industry and to make it prosper, refurbished medical equipment is the way to go. Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a reputable refurbished medical equipment company in India that has been consistently serving the healthcare industry with its quality-oriented equipment, especially parts of MRI machines and brilliant service as well as preventive maintenance support. Call us on +91-99251 86973 or send an email at sales@medinnovasystems.com to discover more.

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