Here Is How COVID-19 Vaccine Works

Here Is How COVID-19 Vaccine Works


Understanding how the human body fights infection is important to realize how the COVID vaccine actually works. Germs or the virus which cause COVID-19 attack human bodies and multiply. This infection causes illness. Now, white blood cells help to fight infection in various ways. Macrophages white blood cells digest germs. The body, on the other side, stimulates antibodies to attack the germs. Notably, defensive white blood cells, known as B-lymphocytes, also produce antibodies that help to fight against the virus. One more type of white blood cell is T-lymphocytes which attack infected cells in the body.

The role of COVID-19 vaccines is a significant one. The vaccine helps to develop immunity to the COVID-19 virus. Today, we have different types of vaccines with each working in different ways. It is important to know that vaccines help the body with a supply of memory T-lymphocytes and also B-lymphocytes, the cells which remember how to fight the virus. However, it takes nearly a few weeks after a person has been vaccinated for the body to produce T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes. In many cases, the vaccine does not have enough time to protect a person who may get infected before or after the vaccination. Another important aspect is that vaccination begins the process of building immunity which can cause different types of symptoms. Fever is one of them.

Today, we have three major types of authorized COVID-19 vaccines – mRNA vaccines, Protein subunit vaccines and Vector vaccines. Some of these vaccines may require more than one shot. A person who requires two shots is considered fully vaccinated two weeks after his or her second shot. In any case, taking all prevention steps until a person is fully vaccinated is important. Protection from this deadly virus is extremely important because it can cause severe illness or may lead to death.

Health experts are still researching how these vaccines will affect the spread of the pandemic, but one may be allowed to start doing some things which he or she had to stop doing due to the pandemic after he or she is fully vaccinated. But, taking precautions, before and after vaccination, has no alternative.

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