Renting Or Buying Medical Equipment? – Find Your Answer!

Renting Or Buying Medical Equipment? – Find Your Answer!

Medical Equipment

Today, the question of whether to buy or lease medical equipment creates a big concern for healthcare professionals. With the technological advancements taking place at a rapid pace, there is new medical equipments in the market. For many, it is still a better option to buy new equipments though it seems to be an expensive investment for others. Well, the answer to the question depends on various factors. Here are some of them:

What Do You Need?

Unsurprisingly, requirement defines it all. It is true that one needs to consider how beneficial the new or rented equipment will be for the practice, especially from the patient’s healthcare perspective. Sometimes, a few equipments are always needed whereas the need for other devices arises unexpectedly; here one may consider getting quality-oriented medical equipment on rent; it comes with the right technology and above all, fulfills healthcare requirement.


The costs associated with purchasing medical equipment and obtaining the same on lease or rent vary significantly. For many hospitals and clinics especially those in rural areas and those with financial constraints, it is a feasible option to get the equipment on lease so as not to make working capital negative. This will prevent any adverse effects on the day-to-day operation.


Every investment in your healthcare facility or service should be worth the amount spent. A new or refurbished medical equipment must facilitate better monitoring, enhanced diagnosis, appropriate treatment and increased productivity over a period of time. It is important to take into consideration key factors such as power consumption, associated costs, employee training, technological advancements, the need for enhanced patient care, etc. to make sure you buy or lease an equipment with optimum productivity and value.

Preventive Maintenance/Service

Medical equipment plays a crucial role in saving human lives; but it does it job perfectly only when it is given special care and maintenance. Before one decides to rent or buy medical equipment, it is essential to get some idea about the cost of servicing as well as maintaining the same. With reputable medical equipment suppliers in India, you can secure consistent and dedicated maintenance support. Healthcare facilities do not need to have any concern related to the maintenance and service of equipments acquired on rent. Comprehensive assistance is provided.

Technology & Its Evolution

Evolution in medical equipment technology, leads to higher depreciation costs of older equipment. Before getting a new one, it is advisable to check the current healthcare trends, needs and most importantly, the life cycle of the medical equipment. Here, renting medical equipments seems to be a wise move because it protects against unexpected changes creeping in.

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