Are Your Ventilator Machines Well- Maintained?

Are Your Ventilator Machines Well- Maintained?


The COVID-19 pandemic has made Ventilator system as one of the most important medical equipment today. COVID 19-positive patients who experience difficulties in breathing normally need Ventilator systems so that they can get enough Oxygen. The modern Ventilator performs the complex task of allowing a patient to survive serious illnesses in different settings. According to medical specialists, Ventilator plays a powerful role in managing patients who need critical care. During this COVID 19 scenario, saving human lives is the biggest challenge to medical practitioners. Hence, carrying out frequent maintenance of the Ventilator system is very important. Even if it has been two months, you have been using Ventilator system more than ever, you should make sure that it is working properly. If the equipment does not function due to lack of maintenance, it can lead to costly repairs. Most importantly, it can adversely affect a patient’s ability to breathe. There are some vital guidelines to be followed in this regard.

  1. First of all, purchasing critical equipment like a Ventilator system from the most trusted and well-known medical equipment company in India is very important.
  2. Medical staff must mark the date for the upcoming Preventive Maintenance check. It is possible to provide adequate treatment to patients only when you have medical equipment in good condition.
  3. All component parts, interior as well as exterior, should be cleaned especially after each use.
  4. It is advisable to rinse and dry parts thoroughly before you sterilize or autoclave the same.
  5. One should inspect all physical damages carefully. Sometimes, physical damage indicates mechanical damage.
  6. Air intake filters should be changed frequently.
  7. One should verify that all visual and audible alarms are working.
  8. The cooling fan filter must be inspected and cleaned every month.
  9. The reusable circuit autoclave cycle needs to be changed as per the industry norms.
  10. The parts of the machine should be sterilized or autoclaved as per the OEM operation guidelines.
  11. The battery performance must be tested carefully. Usually, it is recommended to change the battery every year.
  12. A PPM kit that includes different parts to be changed in a specific interval of time should be utilized.
  13. Only qualified and well-experienced medical professionals must do preventive maintenance.

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