Zeiss Opmi NC4 Neuro Microscope

Zeiss Opmi NC4 Neuro Microscope


Carl Zeiss, branded as ZEISS, is a German manufacturer of optical systems. Zeiss give powerful solutions for neurosurgery. Neuro Microscope system with high magnification and high resolution used in Neuro surgery delivers incredible, breathtaking images and brilliant illumination. Medinnova Systems keeps wide range of Neuro Surgical Microscope offered by ZEISS. One of them and best choice for use is Zeiss OPMI NC 4 Neuro Microscope.


  • The unique two-way light path reduces shadow in deep cavities.
  • The Superlux 301 with 300 watts of Xenon illuminates the surgical field and if lamp fails, a Halogen backup light source is immediately available without any need of tools or a technician.
  • Gives outstanding color fidelity free of distortions and razor-sharp image with unprecedented level of detail.
  • Carl Zeiss offers unique AutoFocus technology which produces perfect image every time very quickly.
  • Contraves counterbalancing technology allows easy movement of microscope using single hand
  • Unique FlexiTrak base ensures a smooth and collision-free transport.
  • The hand grips, for example, provide access to every key microscope function thus ensuring an assistant is not required while the surgeon is autofocusing, taking photographs or using other documentation features.
  • Handgrips can be rotated 180 degrees.
  • OPMI can be rotated completely around its axis (470o)
  • It accommodates variable, motorized focal distance and two 0-180 degree inclinable binoculars.
  • Rotation of both binocular ensures proper ergonomic positioning when OPMI is positioned at an angle.
  • Surgeons of different heights can easily and comfortably operate OPMI by inverting the rear binocular.
  • Transphenoidal procedures easily configured due to full tilt range and compact, integrated design.

In order to be absorbed naturally into the surgical arena, the OPMI NC4 Neuro microscope complements the surgeon’s every move as transparently, ergonomically and efficiently as possible. The NC4 System’s controls were designed with the user in mind.


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