World No Tobacco Day 2018

World No Tobacco Day 2018


Every year, 31 May, is observed as  “No Tobacco Day (WNTD)” and the theme of this year is “Tobacco and heart disease”, highlighting the health and other risks associated with tobacco use. It is shocking to know that tobacco and heart and other cardiovascular diseases (CVD), including stroke, are the world’s leading causes of deaths. World No Tobacco Day 2018 aims at taking initiatives to reduce tobacco consumption affecting public health and causing death and suffering to millions of people globally.

It has been established that smoking affects heart, lungs and tongue but also harms non-smokers as well, known as passive smoking: in fact one out of seven people who die of CVD are non smokers. There are nearly one billion smokers in the world and smoking kills more than seven million people every year according to WHO. The awareness among people about the killing affects of Tobacco on human health is still low. Smoking and tobacco products are addictive in nature and thus public awareness is needed to curb it.

There must be awareness among masses about Tobacco epidemic and exposure to second-hand smokers. On this No Tobacco day let take a pledge to quit smoking today, not tomorrow!

Say No to Tobacco! There are many activities you can enjoy in life!!

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