Ventilator HT – 50

Ventilator HT – 50


Portable ventilators have made huge gains into the hospitals just not for its demand but also for its technological upgrade and easy accessibility. The Newport HT50 Portable Ventilator – a rugged, sensitivity triggering and fast charge converting for both hospitals and home care resp. The key factor of its accessibility, its use in hospitals and home applications as well makes it a highly sort after model within Portable Ventilators.

The most sort after elements are that it’s suitable for pediatric and adults patients likewise. It is used for both invasive and non-invasive ventilation procedures. Besides being easy to use it is also very light on maintenance budget.


  • Portable
  • Volume or Pressure Control Ventilation
  • Invasive or Non-Invasive Ventilation
  • PEEP/CPAP, Built-in
  • Pressure Support
  • Comprehensive Alarms/Monitoring
  • Internal Battery, long lasting with fast recharge
  • Optional Air/Oxygen Mixer for high pressure 0.21-1.00
  • Optional Blending Bag for Low Flow Systems
  • Unique Gas Delivery System Requires No External Air Compressor

Ventilators have been life savers for ages. The advancement in technology has led it to be used in a home environment as well. These advancements have made tremendous impact on the first responder’s services to the masses. It has simplified the application and adaptability factor in a highly stressed environment. The Newport HT50, the changing breed of technology in hospital care while touching patients!!!

Refurbish Process:

We refurbish all our medical equipment with defined processes and technique to ensure performance in accordance with OEM specification. To meet the quality we calibrate, replace broken parts, consumable and enhance the visual appearance by giving fresh coat of paint which will ensure the healthy life cycle of machine.

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