World Asthma Day!!

World Asthma Day!!


World Asthma Day is an annual event celebrated on first Tuesday of May organized by Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) to improve asthma awareness and its care all around the world. The first World Asthma Day was organized in 1998 and celebrated in 35 countries and ever since the participation has increased steadfastly.

GINA organizes the World Asthma Day in a unique and interesting way as every year it picks a theme that helps in creating and spreading awareness of asthma and about its potential risks and treatments to its sufferers and people around it. Such an initiative has helped GINA to galvanize its interest and participation in developed nations and also in developing and underdeveloped countries. On this day GINA organizes a variety of programmes and symposiums in close collaborations with healthcare groups and asthma educators to encourage and motivate the common mass. GINA selects the themes, creates and distributes materials thru its online channels to be accessed by the global audience. Providing such awareness to an audience who are directly affected by the illness and the audience supporting the ones who are affected and connecting the caregivers and service providers is a perfect platform to help bring uniformity of understanding, dialogue and giving solutions.

The World Asthma Day theme for 2019 is “STOP for Asthma”. STOP in the theme is an acronym for Symptom evaluation – Test response – Observe and asses – Proceed to adjust treatment. This theme is primarily coined to help early awareness and detection for folks suffering from the illness but not sure of it. It helps in detailing the potential symptoms of asthma with changing dynamics of global climate or habits, making available testing kits, information to asses and find the best treatment for the symptoms observed. Family members and patients are encouraged for the written asthma action plan (AAP) through their health provider to understand and provide specific needs to asthma patients like timely detection, testing, accurate medications to prevent further aggravation.

This Tuesday, May 7th GINA will organize many such events in collaboration with healthcare groups and agencies like the National Institute of Health (NIH) to educate people of the information of asthma, its prevention, and its treatments. They will be actively supported by healthcare groups and agencies by conducting health check camps and seminars to diagnose asthma.

We at Medinnova Systems Pvt Ltd, having a responsible footprint in the healthcare industry is proud to participate in such awareness building initiatives for a healthy lifestyle. Systems and economies can be fragmented but health and its care can always go long way with a bit of a human touch!!!

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