What Is AERB and ISO ? Why Is these Certification are Important?

What Is AERB and ISO ? Why Is these Certification are Important?

What is AERB?

The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, abbreviated as AERB, enforces regulatory requirements to facilitate safe operations of all medical equipments and machines where radiation is used. It ensures that all safety structures and systems are checked as well as tested as per approved plans. One of the prime functions of AERB is to review the commissioning, test reports to ensure the safety of the structures and the systems. Thus, its mission is to ensure that the use of ionizing radiation in India does not cause risk to the health of the environment and people.

Why Is AERB Certification Important?

AERB certification is issued by reviewing all aspects with respect to radiation safety. Moreover, periodic safety status reports are submitted by the radiation facilities for continued safety. Thus, AERB is responsible for carrying out regulatory inspections to ensure the safe operations of equipments. Therefore, regulatory AERB consent is essential in operating the X-ray equipment. To meet the requirements of a large number of facilities where medical equipments are used, AERB has reportedly initiated key steps to facilitate the decentralization of regulation.

Unquestionably, medical equipment plays an important role in the success of a healthcare facility and the safety of mankind; it is, therefore, essential to evaluate the suppliers carefully before purchasing medical equipments.

ISO Certification Too Is Important!

ISO 9001:2015 is an international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system in the organization. The certification demonstrates its ability to provide services and products that meet regulatory and customer requirements. ISO 13485:2016, on the other side, indicates a quality management system in the organization that specializes in providing medical devices and related services in association with regulatory requirements.

Find The Most Reliable AERB-approved Medical Equipment Company In India

Today, the healthcare world is facing a lot of challenges in combating deadly diseases and viruses. Apart from this, the complexity of the treatment of various medical diseases is reaching newer heights. In this regard, ensuring a safe healthcare environment is the need of the hour. Purchasing high-quality refurbished medical equipments only from the AERB-approved medical equipment suppliers in India is an evident necessity.

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