Ventilator Machine Check-List – Must Read!

Ventilator Machine Check-List – Must Read!


Ventilator is a critical device which helps a patient to breathe. Patients who are unable to breathe normally on their own are placed on Ventilators so that they can get enough Oxygen. In order to operate Ventilator system adequately and make the best use of it especially in terms of patient’s care, there is a check-list to be followed religiously by the team of experienced and knowledgeable medical staff:

Check-list for Ventilator Machine:

  1. It is important to check pressure of Air and O2 supply.
  2. Airway temperature should be checked and if required, adjusted.
  3. Flow sensor and O2 cell need to be examined too.
  4. It is essential to check Expiratory Valve so as to prevent leakage or fix the same.
  5. Prior to keeping a patient on ventilation, medical practitioners must check modes of ventilation.
  6. It is equally imperative to study the setting parameter of selected ventilation modes.
  7. Cleaning the fan of power supply prevents heat. Nursing staff and medical practitioners should take a note of it.
  8. It is very important to check moisture surface frequency when machine works on a compressor.
  9. Medical staff should mark the date for upcoming Preventive Maintenance check date.

Check-list For Ventilator System With Respect To Patient’s Safety:

  1. The most important aspect in ensuring patient’s safety is to assess his or her status including physical assessment, airway check, vital sign observation, etc.
  2. Self-test of the machine should be conducted.
  3. It is important to ensure that the ventilation machine functions properly.
  4. Pre-set values must be compared with monitored values.
  5. All alarm functions and settings should be verified.
  6. Healthcare professionals should set ventilator frequency appropriately.
  7. Utmost care must be taken while setting FIO2 and humidifier temperature.
  8. Aspects such as airway pressures, Peak, Mean and even presence of Auto-Peep need to be examined well.
  9. Healthcare providers should set peak inspiratory pressure limit and pressure support level if needed.
  10. They should also check minimum mandatory ventilation, if required.
  11. It is equally important to set inspiratory flowrate, waveform, continuous flowrate, I:E ratio, percent inspiration, and expiratory time, accurately.
  12. Importantly, the medical staff must look for sensitivity threshold.

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