IABP Machine – Key Guidelines To Be Followed!

IABP Machine – Key Guidelines To Be Followed!


An Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump (IABP) is a medical equipment that reduces the workload on patient’s heart and helps the heart to pump more blood. The device is placed inside aorta, the artery which takes blood from the heart to the remaining parts of the body. The balloon placed at the end of catheter inflates and deflates as the rhythm of heart changes. This process helps the heart pump blood. IABP device thus helps to stabilize a patient in case of severe heart failure and even acute mitral valve regurgitation. Patient is required to lie still when such devices are in place. Before placing the patient on this device, there are few information and safety guidelines to be followed:

  1. IABP machine operates on 110 to 230 V AC and battery pack.
  2. Power supply fan must be on when the machine is being operated.
  3. Medical practitioners should check the switch properly.
  4.  When the AC main switch is on, LED gets illuminated. It is only after getting fully charged that LED comes back to its stable condition. Adequate charging conditions must be maintained even when the IABP system is not in use. Power supply fan should be switched on when the machine is being operated.
  5. It is essential to maintain and test system batteries periodically.
  6. The Helium Cylinder must be replaced when pressure drops below a pre-set level.
  7. Medical staff should make sure to close the cylinder valve fully clockwise when the system is not in use in order to prevent potential leak and also the depletion of Helium supply.
  8. Chart paper must be replaced periodically to obtain satisfactory recordings.
  9. Patient contact parts such as blood pressure transducers cable, ECG leads, etc. must be disinfected.
  10. IABP machine must be covered appropriately during fumigation in OT.
  11. The system definitely requires scheduled preventive maintenance.

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Source: Service Manual of MAQUET DATASCOPE CS100 IABP Machine

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