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Useful Facts You Never Know About Maquet Servo I Ventilators
Apr 26, 2018

Maquet Servo i has the most flexible combination of invasive, non-invasive or neurally controlled ventilation with high level performance and cost efficiency. It has one adaptable platform to address all ventilatory needs of patients right from recovery to weaning phase. It has interchangeable modules that can be used on all Maquet Servo-i systems and can switch between conventional pneumatic ventilation or neurally-controlled ventilation. It has backup ventilation with automatic return to supported mode with sensitive flow and pressure triggering fast response time.


  •     Invasive and Non-invasive ventilation with leakage compensation
  •     CO2 Analyzer for end tidal CO2 measurement to check to check efficiency
  •     Y Sensor measurement for neonatal, pediatric and adult patients
  •     Neurally Adjusted Ventilator Assist (NAVA)
  •     Investigation of different treatment options i.e. Open Lung Tool and Auto mode
  •     Monitoring through alternative waveforms i.e. Pressure, Flow, Volume and CO2.
  •     Flexible enough to be upgraded with additional functionality
  •     Transportation with no loss of treatment quality within and between hospitals
  •     Ease of operations, maintenance and modularity keeps it cost efficient.

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