Maquet Servo i

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Product Description

Maquet SERVO-i combines a high level of clinical performance for invasive, non-invasive or neurally controlled ventilation with outstanding mobility and cost efficiency. Four basic configurations are available: SERVO-i Infant, SERVO-i Adult, and two editions of SERVO-i Universal for all patient categories. SERVO-i Infant and SERVO-i Adult can always be upgraded to SERVO-i Universal.

  • Features

Enables treatment of all patient categories.

Allows for investigation of different treatment options like Open Lung Tool and Automode.

Invasive ventilation.

Non-invasive ventilation with leakage compensation.

CO2 Analyzer for end tidal carbon dioxide measurement that may give important insight into the efficiency of the ventilation.

Y sensor measurement, for neonatal/pediatric and adult patients.

Enables measurement of pressure and flow as close to the patient’s airway as possible.

Heliox - gives a more laminar flow that reduces work of breathing.

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