Replace MRI Cold Head – Warning Signs To Watch Out For

Replace MRI Cold Head – Warning Signs To Watch Out For


A facility having an MRI machine needs to keep up with the regular maintenance and also periodic parts replacement to maintain an efficient equipment lifecycle and make sure that equipment is available anytime it is needed. They have a specific lifespan which is measured in various ways. Few part of an MRI system needs replacement even after a few years of normal use. The Cold Head is one of them and is the most important part which needs to be observed continuously.Here is a comprehensive guide to make you understand what MRI Cold Head is and when it needs replacement.

Often known as the heart and soul of an MRI machine, Cold Head is an integral part of magnet and Superconductivecoil cooling system. The main role of this part is to re-compress the helium into a liquid state and also recirculate the same through magnet. This facilitates continued cooling. It operates as the foremost cooling system. This component, therefore, must operate at full capacity. Now, a big question is when MRI Cold Head needs to be replaced. Here are some vital signs to look out for.

  1. When this part of an MRI is around three to four years in age, it might need replacement if your facility is using refurbished MRI Machine. In case of having a brand new medical imaging system, Cold Head may need replacement every four to five years. It is very important to be mindful of the timeframe.
  2. Replacement time has come when healthcare staff begins to hear strange noises in the Cold Head region. Machines and their parts do signal a need for replacement. There are some jarring and uncommon sounds which signify mechanical problems. It is advisable not to ignore these sounds and take the action as soon as possible.
  3. It may be the time to replace your Cold Head when Pressure starts increasing and also fluctuate during the compression operations. Coldhead aging or degradation in efficiency leads to increase in Magnet Pressue followed by loss of Helium.Cold Head is a significant part of MRI system. It is, therefore, critical to keep everything in good shape by paying attention to warning signs and replacing Cold Head at the right time. In this regard, choosing one of the reputed and trusted refurbished medical equipment suppliers in India is important. Medinnova is your one-stop solution for all equipment maintenance and parts replacement requirements. It has a team of qualified, experienced and certified Bio-medical Engineers, the largest inventory of medical equipments and their parts and well-established as well as proven maintenance and service programs.

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