MRI Safety Guidelines – Must Read!

MRI Safety Guidelines – Must Read!


Do you know?

Technical malfunctions and lack of effective communication among the staff members resulted in the death of a five-year-old child when he was struck into a Magnetic Resonance Imaging by an Oxygen canister. As revealed by the review conducted post the fatal incident, a 6.5-pound metal Oxygen tank was forced into the machine due to its magnetic field when the child underwent a test. The report unveiled a series of lapses out of which the major one was the absence of user-specific pre-defined procedures to administer Oxygen. Even a faulty intercom to maintain essential communication between the MRI room and others in the testing suite was a reason.

The study of various such incidents that took place while handling MRI machines has revealed the unfortunate fact that almost every scanner experiences serious accidents about once in five years. Had hospital authorities, the staff members and even the relatives of patients, taken essential care to understand the seriousness of the setting they are in, the tragedy might have been avoided. Don’t you agree?

Is there an alternative to life? No! Understanding and following MRI safety guidelines is a crucial step to prevent human loss!

Hospitals, clinics, and everyone associated with the healthcare facilities must make it mandatory to display the precautions and the dangers that the patients, attendants, and technicians may experience. At the same time, a number of procedural changes in administering the MRI tests at various hospitals must take place to avoid such hazards.

During recent years, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, MRI, system has given doctors and surgeons the ability to observe what is going on inside the human body without resorting to the surgery. Unquestionably, MRI machines made today are the consequences of the years of research. However, the process of their applications and maintenance still needs to be learned well. Improvements in all the areas starting from the establishment, installation, maintenance, patient screening, training of the medical staff, to emergency preparedness, must be brought in. According to a study, most of the accidents are caused by human error and fewer by machine malfunction which too might erupt from human negligence with respect to inadequate MRI machine maintenance. Choosing a trusted and reputable supplier of medical equipments company in India too is a step to be taken vigilantly.

A quick glance at MRI safety guidelines –

  1. The magnet room is a sensitive area. Entry, therefore, must be restricted as per the norms. Patients and other people allowed to enter in the same must be asked to change their clothes before making a move.
  2. The medical staff must always use Padding to ensure the patient’s comfort.
  3. It is important to check coil visuals to maintain the excellent quality of the images and also check if there is any physical damage.
  4. Patients must not carry electronic devices during the MRI scanning process. In fact, objects that interfere with the quality of the images and also disturb the safety of patients must be removed.
  5. Patients who feel confined or experience anxiety should be counseled and prepared for the procedure. If the patient is claustrophobic to any degree, it may create troubles.
  6. It is important to find out if any patient who needs to undergo MRI scan is pregnant or if patient has any medical implants that distort the images. When everyone involved in the process, is properly prepared, it is possible to complete the examination successfully.
  7. It is essential to educate and train the entire clinic and hospital staff working in the MRI suite so as to develop and maintain an environment of safety-focused patient care.

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Note: The above-mentioned incident is a pure work of fiction, but its occurrence is possible in real life; hence extreme caution must be exercised.

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