MRI Safety Crucial Guidelines

MRI Safety Crucial Guidelines


Continuing our efforts to contribute to the streamlined MRI scanning and life-saving procedures, we would like to share another set of crucial MRI safety guidelines especially those related to a thorough examination to be taken to ensure that equipment, magnet, room temperature and operator are in the specified range before use.

Here is what you must do –

  1. Do not turn on the system if the air conditioning does not function appropriately.
  2. The cold head is a critical mechanical component of the MRI machine. A failed cold head can lead to the loss of helium. Hence, reliable and consistent monitoring of this component is required. Analyzing the structure-borne noises caused by cold head’s mechanical activities is one of the means to monitor this component. During the examination process, professionals need to record the data.
  3. It is advisable to close Monitor system and all unused applications on time. Disk space to be maintained is <70%.
  4. One must inspect the magnet room lights and check coil visual on a daily basis. One of the most crucial steps is monitoring and screening of all entries to the MRI room.
  5. The process of placing the coil and fixing the coil connector must be streamlined. If any friction is found during the process, Your service provider team must be immediately informed.

Here is what you must not do –

  1. Do not allow unapproved equipments or objects to enter in the Magnet Room. Ferrous objects that get stuck to the Magnetic field must be removed carefully.
  2. The Emergency Run Down button must be used only in a life-threatening emergency by an MRI safety trained personnel.
  3. Do not allow the UPS battery to drain completely. If there is no power supply, switch off the entire system.
  4. Patient anatomy must not, in any case, creat loop which can lead to RF Burn.
  5. Patient should never wear any metal on his or her body during the scanning process. MRI scan is a painless procedure if suitable clothing is worn. Synthetic and Nylon clothes pose a safety hazard.

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