MRI Machine Service – Find The Most Reliable Assistance

MRI Machine Service – Find The Most Reliable Assistance

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MRI technology is important today more than ever. MRI scans help to illustrate the difference between diseased and healthy tissue. It thus facilitates timely treatment by providing detailed information about the joints, spine, brain and other internal organs. Today many healthcare facilities have invested in MRI system to help diagnose internal injuries in patients in a more precise manner. Having this equipment in your facility is essential; but an equally essential step is to make sure that Installation – Deinstallation, services and preventive maintenances are carried out as per OEM standards by a team of qualified professionals.
There are various phases of MRI machine


Installation processes plays an important roles in affecting the Image quality of an MRI Machine. Installation process involves Ramp Up, Shimming & Other Calibration to impove Image Quality & to check on electronics of an MRI Machine.

Even when it comes to de-installation process, expertise is needed.

Ramp Up

After the magnet is sited, it is cooled to superconductive temperatures by filling liquid helium.

Ramping up the magnet is a process where electric current is applied to the (NbTi) Niobiumtitanium coil which is deeped into Liquid Helium. It is important to get desired Megnatisam & Frequency to get optimum image quality.


After the MRI system has been Ramped up, an engineer will initiate the process of shimming. Shimming is the process by which an in-homogenous magnetic field is converted to a homogenous magnetic field eiter by Mechanical or Electrical adjustment.

Mechanical Adjustment or Passive Shimming are pieces of Magnetic Metal (Steel). Placed close to the superconducting magnet.

Electrical Adjustment or Active / Superconductive shimming is done by coils outside of the main magnet coil with adjustable currents.

Helium Filling

A healthy cooling system has to be maintained for good performance of the magnet. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on the helium level. Today, different types of magnets are used. Each one tends to experience helium loss at different rate. The helium loss rate of the system is affected by efficiency of compressor, cold head and various other parts in the cooling line. For helium filling, securing professional assistance is a crucial step.

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