Maintenance Of OXYGEN BLENDER – Vital Guidelines

Maintenance Of OXYGEN BLENDER – Vital Guidelines

Heart Lung Machine

There are many steps involved in the maintenance of Oxygen Blender which is an important unit used in the Heart-lung machine. Routine maintenance includes periodic performance verification, cleaning of the exterior surfaces, and replacement of the inlet filters. Here are some of the key steps to be followed:

  1. The first step involves performance verification. Before the clinical usage, a user should make sure to conduct a performance test to determine if the mixer functions in accordance with the design specifications. Only qualified and experienced personnel is advised to perform verification. One should test the device for overall accuracy with varying inlet pressures.
  2. Before the cleaning procedure begins, one must disconnect all gas connections.
  3. It is advisable to remove visible contamination from the surfaces of the device first.
  4. Check the inlet filters to test the flow through the water trap filter.
  5. Test the alarm module function before operating.
  6. Replace the air water trap or inlet filter at least every six months.
  7. It is important to wipe the exterior surfaces of the mixer with a liquid disinfectant solution or a mild soap solution. One must never immerse the mixer in any solution.
  8. Moreover, Oxygen Blender should be overhauled thoroughly every two years to assure proper function. If the Oxygen Blender fails to meet the established standards, it is advisable to remove the same from clinical application until the calibration process is accomplished.
  9. One should never use any strong solvent cleaners.
  10. Do not clean with aromatic hydrocarbons.
  11. One must prevent liquid from penetrating the device.
  12. One should allow the device to air dry totally.


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