MaquetALPHASTAR PRO – A Mobile Operating Table With Universal Applications

MaquetALPHASTAR PRO – A Mobile Operating Table With Universal Applications

Surgical Table

The ALPHASTAR PRO surgical table offers advanced features that make things easier, safer and quicker for the operating team. The brand itself stands for innovation and technological progress which is reflected in all its medical products including this surgical table.

  1. The table is versatile and stable. It carries an exceptional column stability. It is possible to carry out operations from the seated position due to the low-level version.
  2. The motorised leg plate mounting point facilitates improved flexibility and strengthened application versatility.
  3. Uniform mounting point offers the ideal prerequisites for different positioning options. The surgical table makes it possible for the surgical team to achieve optimum positioning which is very important during Gynaecology and Urology procedures.
  4. The table offers simplified version of configurations. It only takes one single action to adjust the motor-adjustable leg and back plates. The surgical team does not need to carry out time-consuming turning or tightening procedures.
  5. The table offers an incredible height adjustability from 685 to 1120 mm. It offers a lower height version from 598 to 950 mm. Thus, it is possible to carry out operations in a relaxed way based on the circumstances and preferences.
  6. The backlit keypad on the hand control provides users secure operation through a cable.
  7. This surgical table can be deployed for all disciplines due to its universal applicability, stable column with three-point base, modular construction of the table top and mounting point for motorised leg plates.
  8. The table provides the best conditions for efficient workflows and good operation results as it does not need crossbars.
  9. The leg plate mounting can be moved upwards and downwards. The seat plate extension facilitates the complete radioscopy of the urogenital tract.
  10. The table is equipped with features such as TRIMANO 3D support arm in order to fix the accessory rail on any OR table. It can be easily moved in any direction and also fixed securely.This feature streamlines the task for the OR team.
  11. The motorised extension device helps to efficiently control flex and stretch movements with a foot switch.One can easily fix the device on the right or left side using the adapter clamps.
  12. The brand has developed a new adapter for MIS hip replacement and hip arthroscopy, which can be fixed to every standard OR table with simple procedure.
  13. The extension device makes it possible to use a trolley to accommodate all necessary accessories. The device provides excellent application options for the image intensifier.

This healthcare technology speaks volumes about the advent of healthcare industry.

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