Maintenance of Terumo Sarns APS 1 Heart Lung Machine

Maintenance of Terumo Sarns APS 1 Heart Lung Machine

Heart Lung Machine

Medical device or an equipment is an instrument or machine used to diagnose, treat and prevent disease. It also helps to detect, modify or restore the part or function of the human body for a specific purpose. Any medical equipment achieves its purpose only if optimum safety and performance are injected in the system. This requires cooperation among all involved, the manufacturer, the user and even the public. As the Terumo Advanced Perfusion System 1 is widely used for its evolving functionality and performance, it is important to adhere to the infection control policies and procedures to clean the equipment.

Daily –

  1. Water trap – After use, check the water trap and if necessary, drain the same.
  2. Sensors – Clean sensor after every use and Sterilium is good to clean sensors.
  3. CCM – Use the glass cleaner to clean the Central Control Monitor display screen.
  4. System surface – Use disinfecting solution recommended by the institution to clean all systems’ surfaces including occlusion rollers, pump heads, tube clamp assemblies, centrifugal drive motor, etc. You can use appropriate cleaning pads and polish to remove residue from stainless steel and aluminium surfaces.
  5. Roller pumps – It is important to check roller pumps after the use. One should see that roller assembly turns in the direction of forward flow and also the display speed increases accordingly. When the pumphead cover is opened, the pump should pause and it must restart when the cover is closed. It is important to see that tube guide rollers and the occlusion rollers rotate freely.
  6. Centrifugal pump – The drive motor must stop in the Stop Mode and the speed rate display needs to show 0 RPM. Speed display should increase when the motor starts. One should make sure to place the protective cover over the drive motor receptacle while storing centrifugal pump components.
  7. Components inspection – It is vital to inspect all components for frayed, cracked and worn cables, malfunctioning parts, loose connector parts, etc.

Monthly –

  1. Pumps and air filter – It is essential to remove all of the pumps and clean the mounting area. The bottom and the sides of the pumps and chassis must be cleaned thoroughly. One should check and replace air filters on the base when dirt creeps in.
  2. Gas flow – One needs to connect the air and Oxygen to the proper gas supplies. One should consistently check the gas flow display on the CCM.

Every three months –

  1. Pressure limit alerts and alarms – Set an alert and alarm. Apply a pressure to the transducer. Check if the audible alert sounds, message is displayed on CCM, and the status LED flashes yellow. A message needs to be displayed on all pumps. If required, you should increase the pressure and check if the audible alarm sounds and message is displayed on the CCM.
  2. Roller pump overspeed and pump jam – One must be well-versed with the terms Overspeed, Stop Overspeed, Pump Jam, etc. to manage things proactively. Appropriate notification must appear on the Central Control Monitor display.
  3. Temperature alarm – One should make sure that audible alarm sounds and alarm message appear on the CCM when the temperature probes are inserted in water over the alarm limit.
  4. Flow alarm and Centrifugal Pump alerts – It is important to test the flow alarms associated with centrifugal pumps and flowmeter modules. One should set up an unrestricted test circuit and also set the minimum flow alarm setting. It must be noted that the minimum flow alarm is only enabled when the flowmeter module is linked to the centrifugal pump by placing the flow sensor on the speed or flow display area of the Centrifugal Pump icon during the configuration process.

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