APS 1 – Accessories Checklist

APS 1 – Accessories Checklist

Heart Lung Machine

For years, the surgical teams, as well as perfusionists, have made the best out of the Terumo Advanced Perfusion System 1, abbreviated as APS 1, to deliver care of the highest quality and thus achieve the best outcomes. Notably, technology and design of the APS 1 have evolved consistently to add to the standard of excellence. With continuous evolvement, this heart-lung machine is now serving the healthcare industry exceptionally well. APS 1 works best because,

  1. It facilitates intuitive access to information through the Central Control Monitor screen.
  2. It is equipped with redundant control systems. Its Electronic Patient Gas System as well as Roller pumps can be easily controlled.
  3. Its excellent occlusion adjustments do not require one to stop the roller pump to make adjustments in the settings.
  4. It is equipped with a self-adjusting tube clamp mechanism.
  5. It has an extended battery life that provides a minimum of 60 minutes of internal battery backup.
  6. Its uni-directional hand-crank supports forward flow.

In order to take the best advantage of this system or secure excellent results on investment, it is important to make sure that equipment has all necessary accessories. Explore important APS 1 accessories in detail to make a wise move:

  1. Central Control Monitor
  2. Monitor Mounting Arm
  3. Roller Pump 6 Inch and 4 Inch
  4. Roller pump with Safety Cover
  5. Centrifugal Control Unit
  6. Centrifugal Drive Motor
  7. Flexible Mounting Arm
  8. Manual Drive Unit
  9. Disposable Centrifugal Pump
  10. Telescoping Pole
  11. Crossbar
  12. Pole Collar
  13. Crossbar Fitting
  14. Solution Rack
  15. Lamp 33 inch and 15 inch
  16. Hand Crank Bracket
  17. Roller Pump Pole Mount
  18. Dual Pumps Pole Mount
  19. Descending Pump Bracket
  20. Centrifugal Unit Pole Mount
  21. Roller Pump Mounting Extension Large And Small
  22. Sliding Back Cover Panel Kit
  23. Air Bubble Detect Module & Level Detect Module
  24. Occluder Head
  25. Pressure Monitoring Kit
  26. Flowmeter Module (Sensor, Mounting Bracket, Ultrasonic Sensor Gel)
  27. Electronic Gas Blender Module – Gas Supply Hose Kit, Gas Supply Hose Adapter Sets (US), Gas Supply Hose Kit (Outside US), Gas Supply Hose Adapter Sets (Outside US), 95-5 Supply Hose.
  28. Interface Module For CDI 100/101
  29. Interface Module For CDI 500
  30. Interface Module RS-232
  31. Interface Module RS-485
  32. Module Cover  (Right Side & Left Side)

Only a team of experienced, knowledgeable, skilled and dedicated healthcare professionals can guide you throughout the process of selecting the best APS 1 system equipped with all essential accessories designed to contribute to the united mission of health care services. Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd., a leading supplier for the refurbished medical equipments, has the proficient team of sales, engineering and service professionals who specialize in setting up complete Intensive Care Units, Imaging Centers and Operating Rooms. Explore unbeatable expertise of the in-house Biomedical Engineering Department with an insightful discourse with our team by dialing the number +91-9099080947 or sending an email at sales@medinnovasystems.com.

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