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How To Manage Cost With Refurbished Equipment Without Compromising Quality???
Jun 12, 2019

Answer: Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd

Every product industry has a parallel vertical in refurbished product. In the healthcare space a refurbished medical equipment is an equipment in which a defective part is replaced to make it fully functional and cosmetically restored to give its original look and feel. A complete overhaul to extend its life and usage.


 Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd carries refurbished medical equipments in its portfolio. Operating room equipments, respiratory, cardio vascular, imaging (MRI), cardiology, neurosurgery, flexible and rigid endoscopy and patient monitor to name most of it. MSPL with an international footprint of clients and vendors deals with all or most of the preferred brands with its complete user knowledge and service execution capabilities. MSPL also provides complete part and services for the model and make it serves its customer base. MSPL also imparts awareness based safety check programs and technician based training orientation programs for medical administrators and users.

The confidence builder in MSPL’s refurbished medical equipment is its refurbished process methodology.

  • Preliminary check and inspection is performed to assess its current state of functionality as against the manufacturer specs. Defective or damaged parts are identified.
  • Upon inspection and detection of the defective or damaged part the equipment is moved into the Technical refurbishment stage. 
  1. The medical equipment is thoroughly disinfected of any contamination
  2. The equipment is dissembled and batteries extracted and replaced to enable for further technical process
  • Technical process: Biomedical technicians use the latest testing tools which are calibrated and certified by testing institutions to verify functionality of the medical equipment as per the original manufacturer specifications. Defective and damaged parts are repaired or replaced as per OEM specifications. Once repaired or replaced the equipment is assembled back for testing or calibration.
  • Testing: During the testing phase all the working accessories, peripherals and modules in the equipment are tested for compatibility and verified for effective operation. All processes, replacements, testing data and services are properly recorded.
  • Cosmetic refurbishment: To bring the equipment back to its original allure a complete cosmetic reconditioning is applied. The entire exterior mask is inspected of any wear and tear. Equipment is sanded, primed and painted in the state of the art AFC paint booth by factory trained technicians.
  • QC analysis: Prior to dispatch the equipment goes thru a final functional and safety inspection to ensure its compatibility to the OEM standards. With approval it is ready for delivery!!!

Choosing MSPL refurbished equipments are always advisable as we are:

  • An ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 13485:2016 certified company
  • MSPL understands all major brands and its operational and clinical requirement parameters.
  • We are awareness and methodology driven organization
  • We guarantee close to 50% reduction in your cost
  • We save you time to choose and buy!!! Time saved is Cost saved!!!

We at Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd believe that every human life is precious and deserves a good living. We also believe that empowering the providers of this belief is equally important as they are the bearers of the ultimate services. It is also our responsibility to provide the best possible access to services to facilitate the provider’s goal.  That is our contribution to a healthier living!!!

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