World Health Day!!

World Health Day!!


This year marks the 70th anniversary of the day the slogan “Health for All” was coined. And so appropriate that this year’s theme is “Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere”!!!

Universal health coverage is the number 1 goal for the World Health Organization (WHO) hence they are the primary sponsors of the initiative globally. April 7th marks the calendar in a day attributed to raising health awareness and awareness related issues and initiatives globally.

Since the initiative was launched in 1948, has the world health awareness in a better place?? The question will have varied answers and at times will raise more questions but the fact remains that it certainly has helped in developing a platform for dialogue. With regional , cultural and economic challenges, health issues globally has fallen victim of regional politics and geo-political maneuvering that has certainly not helped in achieving the intended goal for the world community. Economic disparity, political instability, ethnic challenges, dangerously changing climatic conditions and mismanaged expectations have been the primary reasons for not achieving a uniformed execution of the health dialogue. This is at a macro level….

….At a micro level, each country faces a different challenge, expectation, priorities and way to dialogue the health issues. For some it’s a filtered down priority, some have dissenting lobbying groups that does not let bring the dialogue to the fore, many does not have the means and the structure to address these dialogues let alone create a platform.

Health is a gift that one should never beg for!!! In our journey from a moms womb to the ultimate tomb the one aspect that needs control for self is one’s own health. Why the Scandinavian and Canadian economies are so well structured for health awareness?? The answer is very simple; they all have universal health coverage irrespective of a person color, creed, race or income slab. So it is a good working model that is currently at play at developed economies.

With this case study in hand, this year’s initiative to build awareness to the universal health coverage is a good start to the dialogue. All developed and developing nations to have a common health access for its citizens to lead a normal healthy lifestyle.

We at Medinnova Systems Pvt Ltd, having a responsible footprint in the healthcare industry will always participate in building awareness for a healthy lifestyle they global awareness building initiatives. Yes we believe in “Health is a gift to live for”!

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