How GE Giraffe Incubator Creates Best Neo-natal Environment For Newborn Babies

How GE Giraffe Incubator Creates Best Neo-natal Environment For Newborn Babies


For every precious newborn baby welcomed into the beautiful world, creating a safe and controlled neo-natal environment for peaceful healing is essential. GE Giraffe Incubator combines the state-of-the-art technology, exceptional thermal performance and innovative design to help newborns heal peacefully while promoting healthy bond between family and babies by allowing dear ones to have a smooth access to their tiny world through portholes. Clinicians and parents can raise canopy and lower compartment walls if they desire to have greater access to babies. The fan and heater situated beneath the bed circulate warm air through the closed compartment. The best part about such incubators is that they offer clinicians enhanced visibility and interaction with tiniest patients with fully-integrated features including elevating base, rotating mattress and in-bed scale. GE Giraffe Incubator allows a complete range of clinical procedures which don’t involve any disruptive intervention of transferring patient from one place to the other.

Key Features – Must Read!

  1. The equipment has two control modes. With closed compartment, it controls the inside temperature while with the canopy raised, it controls radiant heater output from heater power percentage setting which the user defines by using control panel.
  2. The controls and displays can be divided in two areas – The numeric temperature and buttons which control the temperature regulation of the infant are placed on the left while the graphic display screen and control knob which control accessory options are located on the right side.
  3. Its air boost feature protects the baby from heat loss when the panel is opened.
  4. Moreover, touch screen user interface and large color display helps to streamline the process of monitoring and controlling baby’s environment.
  5. Importantly, the system is equipped with hands-free alarm silence which makes it possible to quickly silence the alarms; it thus helps to maintain a quiet environment.
  6. The rotating mattress allows the clinicians to easily change the position of baby for clinical procedures. It thus optimizes their efforts to minimize unnecessary baby stimulation.
  7. The pressure diffusing mattress which reacts to the impact of body, helps to reduce pressure points and also minimize disruption. It definitely contributes in the comfort level of baby.
  8. Customized screens associated with the incubator provide the personalized patient-friendly care.

Thus, GE Giraffe Incubator minimizes baby’s temperature swings, provides a great level of comfort, reduces stressful touches, optimizes clinical procedures, and promotes healthy growth. It is absolutely user-friendly with its amazing features like connectivity capabilities, touch screen display, hands-free alarm silencing and ergonomic designs.

All patients especially the tiniest ones deserve healthcare services beyond their requirements. Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd. takes the responsibility in this regard and specializes in offering best Giraffe incubator solution designed to fully support caregivers and facilitate improved health care. Visit or call us at +91-9727735187 today to explore a wide range of user-friendly and technologically advanced medical equipment.

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